Jennifer Aniston
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Ageless Icon Jennifer Aniston Celebrates Her 53rd Birthday

Jennifer Aniston is undeniably one of the most iconic actresses of ALL TIME!

From Rachel Green on Friends to Alex Levy on The Morning Show, it's no secret showbiz wouldn't be what it is today with Jennifer's influence and power.

Now, it's time to celebrate this legend's 53rd birthday the best way I know how — a constant stream of praise!

Jennifer Aniston has been the queen of our hearts since her days on the beloved '90s sitcom, "Friends."

Who didn't want to be Rachel Green? Now that the '90s aesthetic is back in full force, it's wild to see the young people of today running around like little Rachel doppelgangers.

Do you know who hasn't aged a day since "Friends"? No, not me — Ms. Aniston of course!

Jennifer Aniston
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Now, it's time to celebrate Jen's 53rd birthday. Yep, you read that right — FIFTY-THIRD BIRTHDAY!

Don't mind me, just off to grab a huge bottle of Aveeno.

I hope Jennifer is celebrating her day by smashing plates, yelling OPA, and taking three too many shots of ouzo.

Maybe next year Jen will let us in on where she keeps her fountain of youth. Until then, more Vital Proteins collagen — please!