20 Mistakes People Thought We Wouldn't Notice

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
A card that reads, "100st Day of School".
reddit | anducandu811

More often than not, I think we common people aren't given enough credit. Those who work in high-up business-related positions just assume we accept everything at face value and don't notice the little things.

Well, this list shows them, as it shines a light on some mistakes made that they thought would fly right over our heads. We saw them alright, and we're exposing them too!

"Friend paid $600 for a textbook with watermarks across every single page."

Two pages of a textbook with huge watermarks through them.
reddit | Suremayb

The prices of textbooks these days are nowhere near okay, but this especially is an absolute scam! What, are they just pocketing the money and hoping their students think textbooks just come like this now?

"HOA cut our privacy bushes in half without asking."

A shopped down, bare hedge in front of a window.
reddit | mccarthybergeron

I've never heard a single good thing about HOAs, or heard of a good thing any HOA has done, and yet they still seem confusingly common. Who would ever willingly move somewhere where strangers can do this type of stuff to you?

"Who does a word search like this?!"

A word search where some of the words bend around corners.
reddit | JonnyApplebutter

Has this person never seen a word search before? That's fine, not everyone has the same experiences and such, but maybe they shouldn't have been in charge of making one then.

If you can't tell what's wrong, try looking for "butterfly" or "chicken".

A midnight snack.

The head of a guitar with visible teeth marks in it.

"Kept hearing a weird grinding noise in the corner of my dark room. I turn on my flashlight and see my cat chewing on the headstock of my custom vintage Fender Strat. I’m furious."

"My 'mixed fruit' snack is just 1 flavor."

A Welch's Fruit Snacks package where all the fruit snacks inside were the same flavor.
reddit | 7he_taekwondo_g1rl

Many people noted that this is actually two flavors, strawberry and raspberry. Not only that, but they're the best flavors to get! This is definitely more like hitting a jackpot than being scammed.

"The amount of product that came in this size of container."

A large tub of protein powder that's only half full.
reddit | nobrakesonthetrain

I try to be forgiving when I see posts like this about chips or crackers, as those can break during travel and what have you. This, though? This was always powder. It can't become more powder. This is just wrong.

"Inflating the price from MSRP, in order to reduce the price to MSRP, claiming it to be a deal."

A can of Arizona Iced Tea on a shelf. The can reads 99 cents, but the price tag says on sale for 99 cents, down from $1.39
reddit | non-number-name

My problem is, even at the marked up price of $1.39, I still consider that worth it for a nice big can of Arizona. Sure, it's not the originally intended price, but it's a lot of drink for under two dollars!

"Asked for a sausage wrap and got a flatbread with a [half-eaten] sausage."

A small tortilla with melted cheese and a sausage patty with a bite taken out of it.
reddit | Best_Poetry_5722

Bless the commenters in this post trying to help this sad breakfast-buyer. They assured them that these wraps usually only come with half a sausage, and it was probably ripped instead of bitten into. Hopefully, anyway.

"Oh, are you now?"

A pair of stainless steel scissors with staining appearing on the words "stainless steel"
reddit | Poohbizzle79

This is just a lowly pair of scissors trying its best, I wouldn't want to get on its case too much here, but admittedly this is a little disappointing. We can clean it up and let it try again though, give it a second chance.

"'Honeycomb ice cream' (that has no honey in it). I was SO excited."

The side of a tub of "honeycomb" ice cream where they explain there's no honey in it, just caramel.
reddit | BonBoogies

Why even call it honeycomb then? That's confusing for all shoppers who would just read this at a glance and rightfully assume the name of the flavor would actually be the flavor of the ice cream. Just say it's caramel!

"Starving at work so I order Domino’s, the pasta came without a single noodle."

A tin full of pasta sauce and cheese, but no actual pasta.
reddit | Mickeypss

"Order up! Here's a bowl of sauce."

"Um, I ordered pasta though?"

"Too bad! You get sauce."

"How am I supposed to eat this?"

"I don't know, do you want a straw or something? Figure it out."

"That’s Chicago."

A bedspread with a city skyline on it that says "New York".
reddit | Tinyman445

No way, that's just New York New York, the sequel to New York! It draws a lot of inspiration from Chicago, sure, but they swear it's an entirely new city that's also, coincidentally, in Illinois.

"My frozen burrito seemed a bit thin, so I thawed and unwrapped it."

An unfolded tortilla with nothing inside.
reddit | ImmortalityLTD

I was going to call this a disappointment of a burrito, but I'm not even sure it could be called a burrito at all. This is just a sad, semi-frozen piece of bread. It didn't have the chops to become a full burrito.

"This temperature dial."

A confusing knob where the outside reads max-off-min, while the inside has those same words in entirely different locations.
reddit | KemperBoyd

I can't even begin to make sense of this. Med is min, min is opposite of off, max is max adjacent, and there are just other arbitrary measurements scattered about. Terrible, just terrible.

"Tried DoorDash for the first time; someone stole half my Whopper."

A dismantled burger with half of it missing.
reddit | justconfusedinCO

Funnily enough, my first time ordering with DoorDash was also terrible. I had someone sit for 30 minutes and not even drive an inch towards my restaurant, even after I texted them about it. I finally got my driver switched, didn't get my dinner until close to 9 PM!

"The 1th thing I saw today."

A card that reads, "100st Day of School".
reddit | anducandu811

And it's on this 100st day of school that you start thinking about moving your child to another district so they're not taught things like this.

"Only Two Options: A Cold Head Or Hot Feet."

A car temperature knob that shows the cold end only blowing on the face, and the hot end only blowing on the feet.
reddit | Janos_Banoczi-Ruof

In the winter, when my hands and face are freezing, my feet already strapped up in winter boots will just get sweatier, while in the summer... Actually, cold air on the face in the summer is nice. But the winter will still suck!

"My coke came with spare parts today."

A McDonald's coke with what looks like chunks of plastic in it.
reddit | dymbrulee

Is this the adult version of the toy that comes with a Happy Meal? They just toss some mechanical parts in your food and tell you to try putting them together to see what mundane object you can make?

"These bubbles from a school workbook."

Bubbles in a textbook graph that have checkmarks in the center blocking the text.
reddit | MellowMel135

I love seeing plain-as-day evidence that no one thought to proofread something before shipping it out. Especially something like a textbook, which can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Really good quality control going on.

"These cacti at Home Depot are spray painted to look 'cooler'."

A succulent that's been obviously spray-painted pink.
reddit | Real_CorriCoral

Imagine suffocating a plant and dousing it in what are surely unsafe chemicals with the goal of making it look better, and failing to such an extreme degree. This is tacky and disgusting. I would only buy this plant to rescue it.