20 Workers Who Gave Their Cubicles A Magical Makeover

A cozy office cubicle
twitter | @mikebeckhamsm

Office cubicles can be beige, bland, soul-destroying places. Heck, the inventor of the cubicle didn't even like them. But with a bit of effort, these spaces can be transformed into something special. Twitter user Mike Beckham shared his unique office cubicle with the world, which set up an intriguing thread full of unique cubicle designs.

"I decorated my cubicle when I was in an office. A lot of my coworkers thought it was weird but I said 'I spend more time here than at home, why wouldn't I want it to be a cheerful space?'"

A home-themed cubicle
twitter | @jlkragt

Here's something that isn't seasonal and isn't a prank. It's just an honest-to-goodness cozy cubicle. I love how homey it feels.

"This was my cubicle in the Pentagon before I retired. We later added a bistro table and chairs adorned with some bottles of zero-alcohol wine."

A bistro-themed cubicle
twitter | @thefirstmr1492

Here's what's really going on deep within the walls of the Pentagon: elaborate, Italian bistro-themed cubicles.

"We once gift-wrapped a coworker's desk for Christmas."

A cubicle festooned with wrapping paper
twitter | @diegoanfossi

A lot of these submissions are really just variations on Jim pranking Dwight. I appreciate the effort and all, but it's been done before.

"My boss told me I should decorate the new cubicle wall outside my cube. This is what I did."

A cubicle wall with wallpaper
twitter | @TheGymBo

Is this malicious compliance? The wallpaper doesn't look great and doesn't cover nearly the whole wall, but it does satisfy the boss' request.

"Here is my jungle cubicle! My colleagues stole every plant on the floor then forgot where they went after. First day in a new office and city."

A jungle-themed cubicle
twitter | @reallittlewilly

I love being surrounded with plants, even if I can't take care of them. This would be an awesome workspace, assuming someone else waters them.

"That time I decorated a coworker's desk for her birthday."

A cubicle with everything giftwrapped
twitter | @theaestrocat

Here's another entry in the 'is it a prank or a present' category. I appreciate the streamers hanging from the ceiling.

"This was my cubicle during one of those Halloween days."

A Halloween-themed cubicle
twitter | @Demotional_Guy

There's something about Halloween decorations that hits just right. This cubicle redesign is simple, but effective.

"We did this for a co-worker who was away a few years ago. I mean we didn’t want her to miss out on holiday cube decorations! Yes, I’m aware there’s a warm place in hell awaiting us…"

A giftwrapped cubicle
twitter | @TuxedoTn

At least this person acknowledges that what they've done is going to make their coworker hate them.

"So my job is real into holidays. We are having a contest on best cubicle decoration."

A cubicle with eerie drapery
twitter | @cecysofiabee

Here's another side of Halloween decorating: not the fun orange-and-black stuff, but the creepy, spooky adornments. I like both.

"That cubicle redesign is brilliant. Much better than when my team decided to turn my office into a bike parking hub."

A cubicle full of bikes
twitter | @LO_Monaghan

This is less of a cubicle redesign and more of an elaborate prank. At least they didn't wrap up all the office equipment.

"What about this?"

A cubicle full of action figures
twitter | @olgaymasna

I would want to scream, "NERRRRRRD!" at this person, but as someone who had a few action figures on his wall at one point, it would be hypocritical.

"Few years ago, someone told me I HAD to decorate my cubicle. I put up every BAH HUMBUG! image I could find."

A cubicle with a 'go away' sign
twitter | @DaddyDM

This is a person after my heart: the kind who doesn't fancy up their cubicle with anything other than an unfriendly sign.

"I was always the one with the most decorated desk at work (I was also the fastest to put it up & take it down when we moved desk). One year my talents came into play when decorating the boss's desk for his birthday. We decorated based on his favorite restaurant."

A Whataburger-themed cubicle
twitter | @aggiewife95

At first blush it looks like another prank where everything is wrapped up. But it isn't. This one's kind of touching, honestly.

"Did this for Halloween office decor contest, didn’t win."

A candy corn-themed cubicle
twitter | @kozzdraws

If this candy corn extravaganza didn't win, I'd love to see the cubicle that did. Perhaps the voting was rigged.

"I'm gonna miss my little weeb corner."

An anime-themed cubicle
twitter | @MicheleFeghali

This is another nerdy cubicle. As someone who's never liked anime, perhaps I can call this person a nerd.

"I went more jungle with mine!"

A jungle-themed cubicle
twitter | @jasper_hd

Here's another plant-themed cubicle. I kind of love the astroturf on the floor. I wonder if it feels like a lush lawn.

"I chose to decorate my cubicle with tea to share, only one brand to choose. Accept no substitutions."

A cubicle shelf full of Twinings tea
twitter | @RobertBalls

This person is really into tea, Twinings tea in particular. If I worked with them, I'd be a frequent visitor.

"My kinda people…"

A Christmas-themed cubicle
twitter | @losbishop

We've seen some holiday decorations in cubicles, but this one goes the extra mile. I mean, it's practically a complete Santa's Village.

"Anything to banish that boring beige or depressing gray I used to have to look at all day. I pinned leftover fabric from dining room curtains."

A cozy office cubicle
twitter | @otherlifeform1

I love the idea of covering the bland cubicle walls with something a little more uplifting. These curtains seem to do the trick.

"Recently one of our newest team members asked if he could decorate his cubicle. When I said yes, I wasn't expecting this."

A cozy office cubicle
twitter | @mikebeckhamsm

Here's the tweet that kicked the whole thread off, and I think this one really takes the cake. It feels like an authentic hunting lodge in the middle of a bland office.