Instacart Worker Goes Viral After Saving A Man's Life On The Job

Rae Batchelor
A woman is talking with tears in her eyes.
TikTok | @jessicahiggs3

Sometimes in life a moment hits you where you just have to trust your gut instinct. Most of the time, if your gut is telling you something, it's for a reason, just like what happened to Jessica, an Instacart driver who just went viral after a routine grocery trip ended with her saving multiple lives, a story she shared tearfully on her TikTok.

Jessica shared a video on her TikTok account where started by saying, “if you see something, say something.”

A woman in a grocery store.
Unsplash | Boxed Water Is Better

Jessica explained she had been doing a routine grocery-shop for a woman who was buying groceries for her dad, who was too ill to shop for himself, but when she got to his house, she couldn't leave. “I get there and something was telling me: ‘No, you’ve got to help this man out,’” she explained. “I used my judgement and I brought the groceries inside and I put them down wherever he wanted me to put them, and you’re not supposed to but I did."

“You’re just supposed to take a picture and leave. And I could not just leave," she went on.

Two bags of groceries.
Unsplash | Maria Lin Kim

Jessica explained she continued to text the woman paying for the groceries through the app, noting that if she marked the order as complete, she wouldn’t be able to message the customer anymore.

"I said: ‘He’s not doing good. He’s sick. There’s a propane tank in there, I was in there maybe five feet and I got dizzy,’” Jessica recounted of her messages to the woman.

The woman thanked her for saying something, and then changed Jessica's tip from $14 to $100.

A woman covers her eyes in front of a five star review.
TikTok | @jessicahiggs3

Jessica said this made her emotional, but not as much as the five star review she received from the customer the next day. “Thank you so much, once my son went to check on my dad it turned out it definitely was leaking, you definitely saved my dad and my younger son’s life!!!” the review read.

Jessica finished by saying, “I'm just an Instacart worker but, if you see something say something."

The video quickly blew up, and people in her comments were quick to correct her. “You are NOT just an Instacart worker. You are an ANGEL," one wrote, and another added, “THIS is why sometimes rules are meant to be broken. You saved someone’s life! You are a hero!”

You can watch Jessica's emotional video for yourself right here.