20 Choices That Didn't Leave Us Mad, Just Disappointed

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Two pieces of bread, one with peanut butter and mayonnaise on it, the other with half a banana and "mayoracha" on it.
reddit | jubs2006

Being "not mad, just disappointed" has been a parenthood staple for ages. It's a sentiment that often stumps kids, leaving them feeling bad and maybe a little confused, but they'll learn more about it with age.

They'll go on to realize that you don't even need to be a parent to understand the phrase, and it won't be long before they see something that leaves them not mad, just disappointed, like the items in this list do.

"I thought I was stupid because I couldn’t figure out which one started with R."

Two pages of a children's book. The first page asks readers  to pick the object beginning with the letter R. The second page reveals the answer to be "Rowboat", while showing an image of a sailboat.
reddit | Nitrain17

People in the comments were coming up with other answers that made more sense than this, like the train being a 'railcar', or even jokingly calling the car a 'rental'. Calling something with a massive sail on it a 'rowboat' is just disrespectful!

"This [guy's] shirt."

The back of a man's red shirt with white text that reads, "Stay loyal or get fine seed," with an X through the first 'e' in seed, replacing it with an 's'.
reddit | Artus-Tartus

Apparently, that bottom line is supposed to read 'finessed' as one word and not 'fine ssed' like I was reading it. Not that that makes it any less confusing really. Why was there another E in there in the first place?

"Mug that can't be placed on it's bottom. No, there is no base that comes with it to place it on, it's only the mug, I've asked the vendor."

A grey mug with a rounded bottom.
reddit | ShadowMint742

If this is some type of trick to get me to drink all my coffee while it's still hot instead of putting it down and forgetting it for hours, thus letting it get cold, well...that's actually very smart and just might work.

"Braille on a surface with raised dots."

A sign for an elevator lobby with braille beneath it, but the background of the sign is also covered in bumps.
reddit | D0ctorGamer

Blind people will be able to know that they're standing in the elevator lobby, and they'll get to read a short story while they wait for the elevator to arrive! Just some light entertainment to pass the time.

"The way my Girlfriend cut the garlic bread..."

A round piece of garlic bread cut in uneven chunks.
reddit | Egguegu

While I'm not proud of the way she cut this, it doesn't look like a garlic bread that deserves much respect anyway.

If your local pizzeria's garlic bread is just a pizza without sauce or cheese, it's a rip-off.

"I'm a little sorry for this horse patch..."

A horse head shaped patch with red highlight stitching, making it look like it's covered in blood.
reddit | world-broken-doll

This poor horse has seen a lot during its days on the store rack, and it's done a lot too. It cannot wash away its sins even if it wanted to, for it has no hands, so it must remain visibly stained forevermore.

Counter intuitive.

The side of a smart watch, showing the SIM card slot and the microphone.
reddit | A1pinejoe

"[Kid's] smart watch with microphone hole right next to sim tray, almost everyone stabs the microphone with the sim tool that ships with the phone but isn't actually required."

"Think Trash Pink Cancer."

A pink garbage truck bin with a breast cancer ribbon that says, "Think pink, trash cancer," but the word positioning makes it look like "Think trash, Pink cancer."
reddit | LP970

It's always a shame when these things that are supposed to have nice sentiments and raise money for a good cause end up being executed in a mildly-confusing manner at best.

"The amount of rock the soles of my shoes collected after one day."

Left: The bottom of a shoe with diamond shaped tread, showing many rocks that got stuck in it. Right: all the rocks removed and placed next to a banana for scale.
reddit | Cumbender69lol

What's really impressive here isn't the shoe's ability to pick up rocks, but your sheer dedication to removing them all one by one. You were so annoyed by this that your spite drove you to patience.

"The shadow on the N is the wrong way."

A painted wall mural of the word 'Kirkland', where the shadow of the N is facing the wrong way.
reddit | boxing_the_stars

People were quick to point out that the shadow being backward is due to the decal being put on upside down, which just makes it wrong on another dimension too! It's all bad all the time!

"Donut + Cookies = [...]."

A box of desserts that says "Doukies" on it.
reddit | Zypherdose

No way. I refuse to believe that this company isn't aware of what they did here. It's far too obvious for them to have missed it entirely. They know it's silly. They did this on purpose.

"Multiple benefits such as: cavities, sensitivity, tartar, and plaque!"

A close up of a bottle of Colgate toothpaste and the benefits it lists.

We've let our brains run on autopilot with this stuff and just fill in the blanks so we understand what they're saying here. When read literally, it really does sound like this toothpaste will be giving us tartar and Catholic plaque.

"Making one square mile sound huge by converting it to feet."

A box of cereal advertising an initiative that says, "Join us in restoring 25 million Sq.Ft."
reddit | mdwindsor

You never want to stomp on a company for doing a good thing, but this definitely makes it sound like they're doing a much better thing than they really are, which is still disingenuous.

"Can someone tell me how to turn this all the way up?"

A fan knob that reads "off" at one end, "on" at the other, with 'low, comfort range, and high' within those.
reddit | claytondb

Um...no. I can't, actually. I can't even tell what this is at first glance. Comments say it's a dehumidifier, but I find that hard to believe as nothing on this knob would indicate it as such.

"These mug handles. Very uncomfortable to hold."

Mugs that feature sculpted fox and deer heads as the handles.
reddit | Jon_Slow-

As a prolific mug collector, I never understood the purpose of mugs like these. Too awkward to hold and hard to drink out of, so you call them decorative, but decorative mugs shouldn't even be a thing! All mugs should be functional!

"I walked in and my jaw dropped. There's even a door to lock yourself in with 3 urinals to yourself."

A lockable bathroom stall with one toilet and three urinals.
reddit | Yoshicool1

Some people are tired of the same old hangout spots with their friends and want to try something new and fresh, so they all go chill at the triple urinal stall. It's also the perfect spot for those wanting an audience. For what? That's up to them.

"My [dad's] snack… [I’m] speechless."

Two pieces of bread, one with peanut butter and mayonnaise on it, the other with half a banana and "mayoracha" on it.
reddit | jubs2006

I almost don't want to comment on this because no matter what I say, I've already lost because I had to bear witness to this crime against humanity. Like, that's it. Pack it in. It's over before it even started.

"Can we all admire this majestic beast?"

A sign for "The Newark Saddler" featuring a poorly drawn horse.
reddit | Spacecowboy947

Gladly. This is true art, expression in its purest form, capturing the beauty of one of nature's most powerful wild beasts. Look at that stride, the wind in its mane, the strength in its legs, just stunning.

"Someone thought this is a good place for the only electric plugs in the kitchen unit."

A kitchen counter with electrical outlets on it.
reddit | MakeSenze

Just on the counter? Directly in a potential splash zone for any number of liquids handled in a kitchen? With no off switch? Constantly live outlets on a bare kitchen counter? Alright.

"My desk collapsed at work and there's no empty ones to move to."

A cubical desk where one side is heavily slanted to the ground.
reddit | AlienAngelChocochi

Did they just leave the issue there?

"Hey, my desk just gave out."

"Well, we don't have any empty desks, so..."

"Am I just supposed to stay here like this? It's going to snap off."

"That really is unfortunate. Best of luck dealing with it!"