Wedding Guest Slams 'Insulting' Meal They Were Served

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Being a guest at a wedding is a big honor and many people look forward to celebrating with friends and family when they are invited. Many times, people are excited to celebrate the happy couple and party the day/night away with them. Many things come with going to a wedding, aside from celebrating the happy couple. Most of us look forward to getting a good meal and a few drinks while we're there—because who doesn't love a night where we don't have to cook for ourselves, right?

Many people have some rules when it comes to weddings.

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When planning a wedding, many couples take a lot of things into consideration. As it is your wedding day, many people also consider the guests they are inviting to celebrate with them. For example, many dietary restrictions and regulations do come into play when you begin to make up your wedding guest list. You always want to make sure everyone can eat on your big day.

Dozens of people do have dietary needs and restrictions.

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When planning a big event or party, you need to take into account that everyone has some sort of dietary need. One of the things people should think about is having gluten-free options and dairy-free options, too. And, on top of that, some people keep Kosher. Then, of course, there are those who are vegetarians and vegans, as well.

While the couple may not have dietary problems, others will.

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The couple may not be super into dietary restrictions, but, they also have to consider their guests. That's why many people plan a menu with several options so that everyone can eat and party in style and comfort. Most wedding menus have "options" when it comes to dinner, mostly so that everyone can find something to order, no matter who they are.

However, there are some couples and venues that do not take others into consideration.

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While some couples and venues do take others into consideration, not all of them do. Sometimes, being a vegan or a vegetarian at a wedding means you are not taken into account when planning the menu. And, if you're not in the couple's immediate family, you may be out of luck. Planning my own wedding, I made sure there was a good vegan option, as one of my sisters is a vegan. But, not everyone is so kind.

To prove this point, a wedding guest recently shared her "wedding dinner meal" on Twitter.

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Shared originally on Twitter, and then reposted to Reddit, the wedding guest showcased the meal that was offered as the "vegan" option for dinner. Clearly, the couple must have "forgotten" to plan for the vegan guests because the plate was mostly just leaves. A very, very small salad with a little bit of sauce drizzled on it—which, looks more like a side salad than anything else.

Many people said the couple "must have panicked."

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People on Reddit commented saying that this is the epitome of a "couple who panics and says 'what do vegans really eat?!?' right before their wedding." Some people don't research and know that vegans can have way more than just lettuce and a salad. There are tons of delicious and healthy, vegan-friendly meals that they can be served.

Others said this is "embarrassing."

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crasstyfartman said that this is embarrassing, as that when they were in an out-patient hospital, even they had a vegan option on the menu for every meal. And, trust them when they say it was not just some leaves of lettuce on a plate with some balsamic drizzle.

However, some said it may be the catering hall.

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"It may not be that. Sometimes in catering you may be hired to prepare certain foods and you may have bought all ingredients already when someone asks you to prepare a vegan option. I’ve been in that situation and what can you do really? Most of the time you can only really prepare the meal you have ingredients for minus the meat," said another Reddit user.

Others agreed, it is a reflection of the chef.

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PhalafelThighs said that overall, it is a reflection of the chef who was cooking for the wedding. A good chef would be able to fine-tune a very good vegan dish, no matter if it was on the fly or if they were given notice. But, thinking "vegan" means just a salad with absolutely nothing else—well, maybe it's time to go back to culinary school.

On the bright side, there were some good "vegan" wedding stories on the thread.

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BasilDream said that when her daughter's friend got married, she was invited to the wedding, and she made sure there was a delicious vegan option for her.

"She called me ahead of time to make sure I would like vegan Jambalaya. I almost started crying, I thought it was so sweet. There was also an amazing vegetable dish (hard to explain) and vegan cupcakes! It was very touching that she would think of me and make sure I was taken care of," they said.