20 Fun Discoveries That Left A Smile On Our Face

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
A building with a plane on top of it, and multiple water slides protruding from that plane.
reddit | 40percentCheese

Growing up with stories of treasure hunts that end in the discovery of gold, gems, artifacts, and other priceless objects, it can be tough to translate to a more realistic setting like our very own lives. What could we find in our day-to-day existence that could even hope to live up to those objects?

The good news about that is that it's entirely subjective! If a discovery seems cool enough to you, that's all that matters. The people in this list found some things they thought were interesting enough to share, so why not get some inspiration here!

"Shooting a laser through the transparent maple leaf on Canadian currency projects the value on the wall."

A round, red projection on the wall of "$100" repeated twice.
reddit | pyroboy7

That's certainly a unique way to be able to tell real bills from counterfeit ones, and a great way to remember how much a certain bill is worth if all the imaging on it somehow gets bleached off by a sunspot explosion.

"My local bookstore has it’s own section dedicated solely to cat mystery books."

A bookshelf with the label "Meowsteries" on it.
reddit | tylertrek

Finally, a book store that knows what the people really want.

Really, though, I didn't know there were so many cat-based mystery novels out there? Though most of the books on that shelf do look like they come from the same author, so maybe someone just has a very niche writing specialty.

"There was a piece of wood in my vegetable bag."

A metal bowl with a package of frozen vegetables poured into it, as well as a large wooden shard.
reddit | Rad_Ben_Danklin

I know doctors tend to recommend more fiber in some peoples' diets, but somehow I don't think this is what they meant by that.

I wouldn't quite know where to place that on the food pyramid, either, considering it's a notable danger to one's health rather than a benfit.

"Saw a vending machine for cake today."

A large, red vending machine with slices of cake in it.
reddit | loveoverthemoon

Unlike the previous image, this isn't a health hazard masquerading as a nutritious meal, this is just junk food, plain and simple! Junk food with great presentation, might I add, which means it's totally worth buying just for the experience (and the cake).

"The instructions to my TV soundbar mount."

A listing of tools needed to build the product, listing a Phillips Screwdriver (and a notice to return it to Phil when you're finished), a level, and saying it comes with a free hex key by advertising it as a "free toy surprise inside every box"
reddit | ALowlyRadish

Once you hit the age of nine or so, you stop expecting to get free things in random places just on the basis of you being a kid, so it's nice to see some companies out there aiming to keep that joy and surprise alive even among adults.

"Crow confronting a seagull."

A crow and a seagull facing off, with wings out and beaks open.
reddit | TwistedFluke

This is quite an intense battle. It could be likened to both a dance-off and a real, physical fight and this picture would properly convey it. What could they be fighting for, though? My bet is that lady you can see on the left. One is a forbidden love, the other would honor her species.

"Inside of a LANCOM router."

A motherboard with a message on it that reads, "If you can read this, you have voided your warranty."
reddit | ohuf

Most people brave enough to pop open a router probably know this, but there's nothing wrong with reminding them either.

But if they put it back together well enough and you can't tell that they read this message, where does the warranty stand then?

"The employee of the month for the last four months at my hardware store is a cat."

A 'Cashier of the Month' board for a Lowe's location that features a cat named Steven as the cashier of the month.
reddit | HelpfulPhotograph185

I was so excited to hear of a hardware store that had no one, but two cats working there based on the pictures, but then I realized those are most definitely stock images and my dream of getting a cat to mix cans of paint for me is once again unfulfilled.

"Found a Narwhal in my bird bath this morning."

An ice protrusion from a birdbath that resembles a narwhal.
reddit | ZanyTangles

With how cold it's been lately, you should keep an eye on that bird bath. Before you know it, you'll have an entire oceanic ecosystem in there, complete with a pod of narwhals and many schools of fish!

"All my parents’ animals match."

Two dogs and a cat laying in front of a fireplace, all sharing similar white, brown, and black markings.
reddit | TheBatWaffles

Everyone tries to keep their home decor at least a little cohesive, give their house a unified feel and all, but this might be taking it a bit too far. Or, perhaps, this is a new trend in interior design? Only time will tell.

"Found at local retail store, gave me a good laugh."

A new, packaged broom with a notice on it that reads, "Not suitable for flying!"
reddit | lxO_Oxl

Any good witch knows that any ol' store-bought broom won't be good for flying! There are very well trained specialists that handle that stuff. Using a flimsy Walmart broom could spell disaster in the skies!

"Found a suitcase in the attic of my dad's old comic books. Most of them seem to be Marvel dated in the 70s."

An old suitcase with a number of old Marvel comics inside.
reddit | Bloxicorn

In case you're wondering, as we all would upon finding a stash like this, yes, the uploader looked up how much they're worth.

The priciest of the bunch, "What If Jane Foster Had Found The Hammer of Thor", sells for about $200 on resale sites!

"This is the back yard of a neighbor."

A round, chrome structure and a barrier across the road leading up to it with an alien head on it.
reddit | nogroundpizza

Wrong, you think that's the backyard of a neighbor when really it's the home of an alien. I thought it was pretty obvious, but maybe they should put up a few more signs to really drive the point home.

"Even the home weather station thinks its too cold outside (-34°C)."

A digital clock with a temperature display that reads "NO" instead of the outdoor temperature.
reddit | ZoneBreaker97

Well can you blame it? That temperature should be criminal! I don't know who would be arrested for it, though. Mother Nature is the one causing it but I feel bad about saying it's her fault.

"Found a misprint on an old dog tag I got from a school assembly."

A red dog tag that says "Drugs are COOL!"
reddit | floopykid

I can only hope the school's entire batch was like this. Imagine spending a whole day doing anti-drug presentations just to send the entire student body home with the exact opposite message to show their parents.

"The unique entrance of the Internet Cafe I go at."

The facade of an internet cafe that looks like it came out of a high fantasy game, with stone pillars and statues.
reddit | MrRawmantikos

If there's one type of business that knows their audience, it's internet cafes. They know the people going there are the type to spend over 24 hours at the same computer in some fantasy MMORPG they can't play at home now.

"This waterpark has a 747 on the roof and water slides going through it."

A building with a plane on top of it, and a few visible waterslides protruding from the plane.
reddit | 40percentCheese

This is actually really cool. It's certainly a unique way to recycle an old aircraft, and kids probably love it, but I can only imagine what the pitch meeting for this was. How many people in that office looked at the guy whose idea it was like he was off his rocker?

"Someone put googly eyes on this Starbucks sign."

A Starbucks sign where the mermaid's eyes have been replaced by googly eyes.
reddit | emvaz

This is a nice new look for her! Really opens those eyes up, makes her more expressive. A little creepy, sure, and more like she's watching your every move, but she's expressing herself in new ways and we should respect that.

"A clever threat to those urinating outside a service station in Austria."

A sign that shows a sequence of three events. The first is someone urinating on the ground, the second is a camera capturing it, then the third is a video of them urinating being uploaded to YouTube.
reddit | [deleted]

Ah, a sign that can truly be read by everybody, regardless of language spoken. Your actions have consequences is the long and short of it, which is a lesson that a lot of people do need to be reminded of. Often.

"Cranium at my grandma's house hasn't been played in so long that the clay formed a perfect salt cube."

A tub of Play-Doh like "Cranium Clay" with a perfect crystal cube on the lid.
reddit | HolyProvoker

Forget the cube, seeing items from the game "Cranium" just unlocked a whole area of my brain that I forgot existed. I used to play this game so much that I think my parents gave it away "by accident" just to get me to stop.