The facade of a restaurant called Nicey's Eatery.
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Restaurant Searching For Man Who Braved Snowstorm To Order Food

There's nothing like a hot, comforting meal on a freezing winter night, especially from the local businesses that we love. Though, when the weather gets dangerous, it can be a bit tough to get that meal back home.

One Toronto man was not about to let any storm stop him from swinging by his favorite dinner spot, venturing there during a blizzard, only to be met with disappointment when he found it closed. Now, the restaurant is trying to find him.

A Toronto restaurant is on the hunt for a lost customer they caught on camera.

The front facade of a restaurant called Nicey's Eatery
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The now-viral security footage shows the man walking up to the front door of Nicey's Eatery, a Caribbean restaurant in Scarborough, despite the raging snowstorm behind him. He seems extremely determined to get himself a nice meal, and who could blame him with how cold it was out?

However, tragedy strikes when he makes it to the door.

Top photo: security footage of a man walking through snow. bottom photo: The same man on his knees in the snow.
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He arrives just to find out that the restaurant is closed. He raises a hand to his head in shock, and falls to his knees, his entire lower half-submerged in snow.

He recovers quickly enough, though still looking disappointed. He dusts himself off and turns back the way he came.

The restaurant was so flattered by his loyalty that they want to provide him a free meal.

The caption of the original post reads, "To our loyal customer, we don't know who you are but we will be looking out for you. We are terribly sorry the restaurant was closed. We feel your disappointment and hope to see you soon. What ever you had on your mind to purchase today, that meal is on us."

They're committed to finding him, too, even creating a 'Nicey's Most Wanted' poster.

It features a photo of him on his knees and text that reads, "Last seen extremely disappointed during the blizzard."

The comments are all encouraging the man to come forth or for someone to identify him, not only so he can claim his free meal, but so the world can know the face of a loyal customer!

They've even increased his reward should he return.

In an interview with The Star, Nicey assistant manager Neil Plummer, said, "We do have a really nice package set up for him. The immediate one would be a meal of his choice, plus a nice warm cup of soup, and a nice, cold Red Stripe (Jamaican lager) at the end to wash it all down."

"We really would love to find him and show our appreciation."

h/t: The Star