A portion of an elevator button panel that's extremely disorganized.
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20 Terrible Design Choices That Have Us Shaking Our Head

It's a fair guess to say that most of us out there aren't designers by any means. We're not in any position to decide how anything looks beyond the decor in our own homes. With that being true, sometimes you encounter something while out in the world that you know you could design better.

This list is full of those types of items, ones that feature terrible design choices that have us shaking our head.

"New coffee thermos. Instructions unclear."

Left side: A sticker on the bottom of a thermos that says dishwasher and microwave safe. Right side: the embossing directly on the thermos under the sticker that says "hand was only, not microwave safe".
reddit | Stillwella

No, see, what they meant by this is that the sticker is microwave and dishwasher safe, not the mug! I don’t know why they’d need to specify how to wash the sticker, maybe there are some people out there who like squeaky clean labels.

"This metal teapot that gets extremely hot when tea is brewing even the handle."

An all metal teapot atop a burner plate.
reddit | Sk3f

This is for people who are bored of conventional tea-brewing rituals and methods, they need something more challenging! They want to have their morning Earl Grey on hard mode, their evening chamomile to the extreme!

"Contractor got angry and left the job when we asked him to use the spacers we bought for the backsplash."

Poorly laid, crooked white backsplash tile on a kitchen wall.
reddit | susanbmoney

Hearing stories of grown men throwing temper tantrums like toddlers is always a delight. He was clearly just mad that you could tell he was doing a bad job and decided to storm off, his delicate ego bruised too severely.

"My daughter bought new pencils. This is driving her crazy."

A row of pencil crayons in a tin where the label on one is in the center rather than at the bottom.
reddit | AcidRainDawn

Such beautiful pencils, such a beautiful tin, such beautiful labeling, and perfect artsy vibes upon opening the package, just to be ruined by that accursed burgundy.

Also, I think that reads aubergine, which is eggplant. That color is extremely not eggplant.

"The stairs in an Airbnb I stayed in where every step is a different height, width and depth."

A small set of incredibly uneven steps.
reddit | jingojangobingoblerp

I would say these are a broken ankle waiting to happen, but I’d be more shocked to hear that one hadn’t happened yet. Do Airbnb owners need to disclose past injuries sustained due to the space’s terrible architecture? They should.

"This sign at a beauty store."

A gisn for a skincare brand that reads, "You don't have to be good all the time," but "have to be good all the time" has been purposefully crossed out and replaced with "to have good skin all the time", so the full sign reads, "You don't to have good skin all the time".
reddit | PMmeyourJUUL

I don’t to have good skin all the time? Well, isn't that a relief to hear! I’ve been told my whole life I should to have flawless skin every day, but finally, there are some companies out there looking to break that bind!

"I found this while shopping, in some ways I love it in other ways this is really cursed."

Four cases of Bud Light beer in which one side of the case is a closeup of a man's face.
reddit | ArtyGirl88

So, apparently, these are the faces of some well-known soccer players, but whether or not that makes these better or worse remains to be seen. They’re extremely funny at the very least, but the hilarity wears off pretty quick, then they’re just sort of creepy.

"The alignment of words is quite peculiar on this mug."

A black mug that reads, "Grandpas dads are rules without."
reddit | jayaramjay

Grandpas dads are rules without? This sounds like a sentence Yoda would say if he was having a stroke. Or anyone would say if they were having a stroke. Actually, I think this mug might be having a stroke.

"Everything about this annoys me.. The way it's [off-centered]. The random balcony at the top. The tiny [window] at the roof randomly being there."

A high rise apartment building wherein all of the windows and such are shifted over to the right, leaving a large blank space on the leftmost edge.
reddit | DepPet_syw

I was ready to get all up in arms, asking how an entire building could be so off-center, when someone in the comments pointed out that’s likely where the elevator is. That doesn't make it okay, but at least there’s an explanation.

"Bad design at its best - how to charge the Magic mouse for Mac."

An Apple brand wireless mouse flipped upside down with a cable plugged in perpendicular to it.
reddit | Substantial-Froyo-79

“Hehehe, did you not manage your time correctly? Did your mouse die in the middle of your workday? How unfortunate! Now you must stop what you’re doing for 30 minutes as we render your mouse unusable while charging!”

"Cafe logo: Halfcup Brunch."

A black and white crossword puzzle-type logo that's supposed to read Halfcup Brunch, but due to the organization of the letters, reads like Habr Lfu Cup Nch

Halfcup Brunch? Nah, more like Habr Lfu Cup Nch. It doesn’t quite have the same ring to it…in fact, it doesn’t have any ring to it at all, but hey, who am I to tell a business owner what is or isn’t a good name?

"Braille on sign is smooth as glass. It’s just printed on there and is completely worthless to people who need Braille."

A sign that reads "Alligator, Builds Nest From Grass" with a drawn image of an alligator. It also has the dots for Alligator in braille, but they aren't raised.
reddit | drspachemmon

It also seems to be excluding that super fun fact about them building nests from grass in the non-existent braille portion too, so even if it was raised, blind people wouldn't be learning as much! That’s not very inclusive.

"This marvel in Ohio."

A property with a charming facade, but the other sides are revealed to eb block-like.
reddit | Teillu

I mean, I love a good facade, but there’s gotta be more substance to a building than just a facade. Especially when that facade is mimicking a home! You can’t just stop the cozy cottage look at the front door, you have to commit!

"[What] the fork."

A sign that reads, "Spoonfuls of love added to every recipe", but the accent image is a fork.
reddit | 405freeway

They had one job. One excruciatingly simple job. Make the graphic, or prop in this instance, match the word, the theme of the piece. So easy, and yet it somehow went awry. Was this made by someone who only eats with their hands?

"Who was the wise one that designed this."

A poorly designed set of elevator buttons where they're all out of order.
reddit | FEWLN

In no world is this an order that makes sense. None of them. This is confusing in every single realm across the multiverse. Not to mention the giant ground floor button is really throwing me off, too.

"Thanks, I'll just unwrap them one by one and kill the earth in the process."

A bag of mini hotdogs all individually wrapped.
reddit | Rivalski

Not only am I unsettled by how subtle the wrapping is, knowing tons of people have probably bitten right into one just to get a mouthful of plastic, but I’m also unsettled by how I’m unable to tell if these are mini hotdogs or some type of unsettling candy.

"They sent bubble wrap that doesn't pop."

A hand holding a bubblewrap design that doesn't pop.
reddit | lillyofthedesert

What’s the point of even buying anything online anymore if this is what they’re sending out! I understand more eco-friendly versions of bubblewrap, sure, but sending bubblewrap that doesn’t pop? That should be a crime.

"The legs of these people on a social distancing floor sticker at my school."

A "6 feet apart social distancing" sign where the graphics of the people have extremely long legs and no torso.
reddit | vylue

You only have to stay six feet apart if you’re cryptid nightmares that just arrived from the forest, with legs that span almost your entire body and no torso to be found. If you are built like this, your gait is probably already six feet anyway.

"My friend with cerebral palsy sent me a picture of the 'accessible' stall in the men’s bathroom at the college he attends."

A white shower curtain in front of a large bathroom stall.
reddit | ironical_uwu

Oh come on, really? This just screams lazy, not to mention offensive. “We don’t want to put any work into actually accommodating our students with disabilities, so let’s just completely remove their privacy and call it a job well done.”

Unique advertising.

The back of a white van with a photo of a baby on it that reads, "Don't be sad."
twitter | [expletive]

Thankfully, someone else had seen this van and managed to take a video of the whole back. The entire message reads, “Don’t be sad, hire my dad,” then it’s the name of a flooring company. Points for original advertising.