We Could Watch This Woman Interview Animals With A Tiny Microphone All Day

Ashley Hunte
A bird sitting in an outdoor enclosure. A microphone is next to its face, and overlay text reads, "hehehehe heh."
YouTube | Maya

No, you didn't read that headline wrong. A woman went and did the kind of interviews we only wish we could do — with animals.

Well, maybe not exactly. She sure did ask them questions, with a tiny microphone to boot. But did they feel like answering?

In a multi-part series, a YouTuber interviews animals.

A person holds a tiny microphone to an opossum. Text overlay reads, "I like grapes :)"
YouTube | Maya

In her videos, Maya Higa, who simply goes by Maya on her YouTube channel, asks the burning questions we've all had for various wildlife.

Well, she asks questions.

We get to know an opossum's favorite fruit (grapes), what it's like as a turtle — the fastest land animal alive, and many more things.

And do they answer?

A large roach in an enclosure. Text overlay reads, "Our purpose and place is indistinguishable and seeking fulfillment is futile."
YouTube | Maya

Well, no. They're animals, after all. But thanks to a bit of editing, we get some "translations" for what might actually be on the minds of these creatures.

The videos take place at wildlife sanctuaries.

A woman standing outdoors. Text overlay reads, "none of these animals are pets."
YouTube | Maya

Maya is very careful to add disclaimers to her videos, stating that the animals in these sanctuaries are generally rescued from the wild, and can't be released. They're taken care of by professionals, and they aren't pets.

But they sure are cute.

Since the beginning of 2021, Maya has been making these hilariously adorable YouTube videos, sharing the thoughts of animals from around the world.

The videos, by the way, are a hit.

A GIF of a girl waving her hands in the air. Text overlay reads, "amazing" in rainbow colors.
Giphy | Bachelor in Paradise

Each video has amassed millions of views. It's safe to say people are loving these animal interviews.

Gee, I wonder why.

Michael from the office leaning over his desk, placing his hands under his chin.

Videos full of animals having a tiny mic held up to their face in order to answer random interview questions? What's not to love about that!?

But her work isn't done.

A female celebrity on the set of "Fallon," text underneath her reads, "There's more!"
Giphy | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

It's pretty clear that Maya is an animal-lover. But she also just so happens to be an animal rehabilitator, Upworthy writes.

She's started a nonprofit in order to help exotic animals.

A zoom-in on a woman sitting, giving the thumbs-up symbol with both hands.
Giphy | The Lonely Island

The nonprofit is called Alveus, and like the sanctuaries she's visited for her videos, it aims to help exotic animals that have been rescued from various circumstances.

h/t Upworthy