20 Pics That Would Seem Totally Normal Save For One Tiny Detail

Ashley Hunte
A woman with short blonde hair, holding a magnifying glass to her eye.
Unsplash | Emiliano Vittoriosi

There's something to be said about strange pictures that sort of look normal at first, until you look a little closer. That feeling where you think, "Hey, wait a minute!" is pretty strange.

And of course, the weird and wonderful images in this list are going to give you that same feeling. Probably. Look, they're super weird.

1. "My bunny cactus has grown to mimic the figurine it’s been next to for 3 years."

A small ballerina statuette placed next to a cactus. Each item has "limbs" facing upwards.
Reddit | sardinerunn

I don't know if I should be impressed or freaked out. Like, was this a complete coincidence, or are cacti (and maybe plants in general) smarter than we give them credit for?

2. "My arm after grinding fiberglass all day."

A person's arm, covered in white fibreglass.
Reddit | P3nguLGOG

This is a super weird picture in more ways than one. For starters, I'm pretty sure you shouldn't have fiberglass on your skin like that (or near you at all). But it also looks like this guy's arm got frozen solid.

OP should maybe get that checked out...

3. "The tips of this fork were sliced off when it was sealed in its plastic."

A plastic fork in plastic packaging. The tips of the fork prongs are detached from the rest of the utensil.
Reddit | pinkmathgirl

I'm around 87 percent sure you can still use that fork and not notice a real difference. Even if it does look really sad and dull without its tips. Good thing it's just a plastic fork and not a metal one or something.

4. "My 8-year-old randomly puts things in the freezer to see what happens. I was pleasantly surprised to find this unexploded frozen can in the freezer this morning."

A can of ginger ale. The top of the can is pushed out due to being frozen, but still remains unopened.
Reddit | 2buggers

Looking at this otherwise perfectly fine can of ginger ale is kind of stressing me out. It's like we're seeing a shot from just before a disaster happens.

Maybe take it out to the garage or something...

5. "Somehow this poor fly was attracted to my tea light candle, and met an unfortunate end."

A small tealight that has been used before. The wick is black, and a dead housefly lays half-buried in the solid wax.
Reddit | Bron345

I want to say I feel bad for this fly, but if we're being real here, it was probably on its last legs, anyway. Don't houseflies only have a lifespan of a few days or something?

Either way, I couldn't bring myself to reuse that particular tea light.

6. "Interesting way to fix your rear wiper."

The back of a Volkswagen car, as seen from another car. The windshield wiper has been replaced with a loofah.
Reddit | DaaTaru

I wonder if the car owner genuinely thought no one would notice. Or maybe they straight up didn't care.

I bet it works really well for wiping snow off the windshield, though.

7. "The soap dispenser at the restaurant I went to today."

A reusable condiment bottle on a bathroom sink. Rather than have condiments in it, it contains liquid soap.
Reddit | pianojo

What do most restaurants have a lot of? Those plastic condiment bottles they use for ketchup and stuff.

I don't know how I'd feel about using one to wash my hands, though.

8. "My orange is apparently 'lemon shaped.'"

A person holding an orange. The orange, despite being an orange, is shaped like a lemon.
Reddit | AliverseArtworks

So... is it an orange lemon, or a lemon orange? Talk about a confusing picture.

I almost wouldn't be surprised of OP cut it open and it ended up being super sour.

9. "The cold as given me a field mouse passenger."

A car dashboard. There is a mouse sitting on it, just behind the steering wheel.
Reddit | Peppermint_Mononoke

One thing to remember during colder months is that animals might decide to hang out under your cars, near the wheels, and all over the place.

And, inside your car too, apparently. How did this little guy find a way in?

10. "A caterpillar I found."

Two gloved hands, one spread out holding a caterpillar, the other about to touch it with two fingers.
reddit | dugouttrio

At first I thought it was a twig, and then I thought it was a snake. But yeah, I can see a caterpillar there now.

One Reddit user identified it as a hawk moth caterpillar, and I think they're right.

11. "Apparently people put their bunnies on leashes and take them on walks."

A close=up shot of a person standing next to a rabbit, which they have on a leash, next to a park bench.
Reddit | Visual_Abroad249

I guess it's better than letting your little bunny roam free outdoors and then it gets attacked by a cat or something.

And way better than leaving the poor thing locked up in a cage all day.

12. "Ice cubes came out of the hose."

A person holding a hose; the end is pointing toward the opening in a cooler. Cylindrical blocks of ice came out of the hose instead of water.
reddit | nogson92

Even in the dead of winter, I bet the last thing you ever expect to see is ice coming out of your garden hose. Great if you needed ice, at least.

13. "A supermarket's attempt to disguise supply issues."

A grocery store aisle. Boxes with silhouettes of bottles and packages cover the otherwise empty shelves in one unit.
Reddit | Marmoset_Ghosts

I wonder how many people walked through this aisle and didn't even notice the fact that one shelf is totally empty. Maybe they thought it was a weird new product or something.

14. "This piece of snow I found on the sidewalk that looks like a rubber duck."

A person holding a piece of snow with a rounded piece attached to a more oblong piece, resembling a rubber duck.
Reddit | Wavy_Don

I wish I could say that the universe gifted this person a totally random piece of snow that just so happened to form a duck shape, but I know better. Some kid probably made it and left it laying around.

15. "CDs that haven’t been burned are extremely more colorful than used ones."

A person holding a blank CD. Light is reflecting off the disc's surface, creating rainbow colors and effects.
Reddit | MaybeDoug0

I have to admit, it's been a long time since I've seen a CD (or even thought about one). But I don't think I ever knew this fact. That's so cool, even if it's also super weird.

16. "The pool jets melted the ice quicker in spots."

An aerial view of a swimming pool during winter. A sheet of ice covers the surface, melted in perfect circles in many parts.
Reddit | Mattehzoar

I'm impressed by the fact that this household leaves their pool open, even in the dead of winter. I'm sure the jets are keeping the surface from freezing over because it's basically running water.

17. "Found a pencil sharpener while cleaning my parents toaster."

A hand holding a small, red pencil sharpener that's clearly been melted. A toaster sits in the background.
Reddit | murmelness

Of all the things to find in a toaster, this is definitely one of the weirdest.

I wonder how long it took them to realize there was something wrong with the toaster. You'd think the smell of burning plastic would've warned them right away.

18. "This Giant Binder Clip Used in my Office."

A giant binder clip. A regular piece of paper and a person's hand sit next to it, showing scale.
Reddit | InsertAnotherCoin

Now that is one absurd binder clip. You could probably — I dunno — clip a really big binder with that thing. Or just hang it up as a decoration (I would so do that).

19. "This bay leaf cap has holes."

An opened spice bottle containing whole bay leaves. The cap for the bottle has holes, suitable for dry spices.
Reddit | lttlebopeep

I love how the cap has holes, despite the fact that bay leaves can't fit through them. I guess it's a one size fits all kind of situation at the spice packaging plant.

20. "My grandma's curtains after 15 years sun damage."

A curtain spread out on the floor of a room. The top half of the curtain has been sun bleached in a pattern that makes it look as though light is coming from behind it.
Reddit | Curtaindrops

At first I was wondering why I'm staring at a curtain over a window. And then I realized it isn't over a window at all... It's just sun bleached. Wild.