20 Times People Expected A Tasty Snack And Were Sorely Disappointed

Ashley Hunte
Several chocolate bars
Unsplash | Denny Müller

There's honestly nothing worse than when you're about to eat something you've been looking forward to all day, only for it to be wrong in some way. You know, moldy, missing the main ingredient, or some other horrible surprise.

This happens way more than it should. Which is why we've decided to make a list of some of the times it happened to people, and they posted about it online.

1. "This bowl of cereal I had this morning came with a solid ball of raisins."

A bowl of cereal. A spoon above the bowl contains a chunk of raisins, found in the cereal.
Reddit | 5289a

Believe it or not, there are some people in the world who actually like raisins. Like, in things. But I think even the people who love them can agree that this is way too much for one bowl of cereal.

2. "Friend's dad made some cayenne rolls from scratch tonight. He thought he was using cinnamon. The rolls had no cinnamon."

A person holding two similar-looking bottles of spices- one cayenne and one cinnamon. A pan full of cinnamon buns (with cayenne in them) sits beneath the hand.
Reddit | SideshowShan

I would absolutely hate to be the taste tester for those cayenne buns. But, like, wouldn't they have noticed the way that "cinnamon" didn't smell like cinnamon...?

3. "Just broke one of my front teeth while eating this salad. No, there wasn't any unexpected hard thing in it."

A plastic container full of salad, containing eggs and dressing.
Reddit | iamfixingcar

This is one of those times when the food is perfectly fine, and yet you still end up with some kind of nasty surprise in there. Imagine having to explain this to the dentist.

4. "This is how much my kid left in the bag of tater tots in the freezer."

A near-empty bag containing exactly 5 tater tots.
Reddit | Crohnies

I guess being a parent means having to deal with times when your kid decides to leave exactly five tater tots in the bag -— instead of just cooking those, too. Ah, the joy of parenting.

5. "Was pouring milk into a cup and this... fell out."

A strange piece of something transparent and squishy, sitting in front of a jug of semi-skimmed milk.
Reddit | Atxz21

This kind of thing would give me anxiety, to be honest. It's so hard to tell if this was something that somehow got in while they were packaging it, or if it's a sign that the milk didn't survive past its expiration date.

6. "Wife's been making the coffee all month."

An open can of condensed milk; the contents are solid and curdled.
reddit | Triniblocker

No, it isn't supposed to look like that. According to OP, the can has actually been expired for two years, which means the couple's morning coffees have more or less been a roll of the health dice for a while.

7. "My brother dug through the ice cream to take all the candy out."

A tub of green ice cream that shows evidence of something having dug through it. Beneath is the lid, which shows the candies that are supposed to be in the ice cream.
Reddit | mediastoosocial

I feel like there were easier ways to get candy. Going to the store and buying candy that isn't included in a tub of ice cream would work. Plus, it wouldn't be frozen and impossible to chew.

8. "This day… First the plate cracked, then I opened the wrong side of my spice."

The inside of a microwave. A plate sits in the middle, cracked in half, with food on top.
Reddit | trashytrasherson99

On the plus side, the crack (and the microwave) seems to be pretty clean, which means the food is probably still fine.

Of course, OP went on to over-season their food, which probably wasn't very fun.

9. "Bought the Walnuts and Nutcracker from local market."

A single whole walnut sits next to a broken nutcracker.
Reddit | voucherwolves

You know you have a problem when the nutcracker breaks. I guess at this point, you have no choice but to grab a hammer and start smashing (or just find another snack).

10. "My first ever homemade vanilla ice cream. Unfortunately, the recipe didn't call for 150g salt and a pinch of sugar."

A tub of homemade vanilla ice cream.
Reddit | Crazy__Donkey

The worst part about this is the fact that there's only one real way to figure out that you accidentally put too much salt in your homemade ice cream... what a nightmare.

11. "Didn't realise until I went to eat my leftovers from last night that it was raw in the middle. Rip my stomach."

A piece of breaded chicken. The chicken itself is exposed, showing that it's mostly raw in the middle.
Reddit | TatumKawanaWarn

The keyword here is leftovers. As in, this was from a previous meal. I wonder if all of that chicken was undercooked and they never noticed, or just this piece. Either way, hopefully they have a bathroom (or a bucket) handy.

12. "Not a speck of frosting to be found."

A box of Cinnamon Roll Mini Wheats. Net to the box is the bag of cereal, which doesn't have any of the frosting advertised on the box.
Reddit | booradleysghost

Don't you hate when you buy some cereal because the box makes it look so good, only for it to look... disappointing? Because I do. Why is it so easy for cereal to go so wrong!?

13. "Dropped the cookie."

A chocolate chip cookie, sitting on the pavement next to a car's tire.
Reddit | Marshy_72

This is a real tragedy. That poor cookie never stood a chance, and never got to be savored.

Unless... unless this person decides to brave the concrete and eat the cookie anyway?

14. "Put the last of my bananas and strawberries into a delicious pre work smoothie! Then fed it to the floor instead of my mouth."

A kitchen counter. On the counter is a cup for a small blender, its contents spilled onto the counter, cabinets, and floor.
Reddit | ladsonfleek

Most of us will probably have a blender or two explode on us in our lives. But the unluckiest among us will have our blenders explode onto the floor. Seriously, of all the rotten luck.

15. "Actual school lunch."

A school lunch tray, complete with a piece of fish underneath a bun, and some creamed corn.
Reddit | erin214

Ah, yes. Nothing beats looking forward to lunch, only to get... this. The way they put the bun on top of the fish (?) makes it look like a snail, which is, like, so much worse.

16. "Getting served this and being told the eggs are over cooked and the onions are like that from 'onion dye.'"

An opened breakfast sandwich with strange, green insides.
Reddit | RealRiddleMeThis

Everything about this sandwich is tragic. Like, I can't believe anyone would serve something like this and insist there's nothing wrong with it. The "onion dye" looks suspiciously like mold, if you ask me...

17. "My chicken nugget captured my emotions while biting into it. Empty... Next time I'm getting pizza."

A hand holding an empty piece of chicken nugget breading. Two stools sit in the background.
Reddit | AYeeterVeetAveetA

Well, at least they could have a sense of humor about it. If it were me, I'd probably just cry. And then maybe go and get a pizza.

18. "You never think it’s going to happen to you. How my pizza was delivered today."

A pizza box. Inside sits a pizza that's been squished during delivery.
Reddit | MrPotatoShoes

There are two words that can lift nearly anyone's mood: "Pizza's here!" And of course, there are two words that can ruin that high in an instant: "Pizza's ruined!"

19. "Guess who opened my box of muffins, ripped a piece off to taste, closed it back, and walked away as if nothing happened?"

A pack of store-bought muffins. The muffin in the top-right corner has been partially eaten.
Reddit | Chaosr21

A sibling, a roommate, a partner... pretty much any answer other than OP, I'd say. But seriously, why would you do this to a muffin, especially one you didn't buy?

20. "Was rather excited for lunch until..."

A person holding a chocolate bar. The package is opened, revealing a small grub on the inside.
reddit | ZaclimbHawk

I was actually pretty hungry while writing this. But suddenly, I think I've lost my appetite. I wonder if it has anything to do with the grub in that snack bar...