Twitter Drags Man For Saying Women Only 'Want Losers' Instead Of His 700 Pounds Of Beef

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Many people have a lot of positive qualities about themselves that make them attractive to potential partners. Some people hold on to a good job that makes them attractive to others. Then, there are those who come from a good family and can provide stability. And, still, personality and looks also win over people who are looking to find a mate to live with forever. But, others have some other attractive qualities, as well.

There are many reasons why people feel they are "a catch."

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Many people feel specific ways about themselves and what they see as "positive" and "attractive" qualities. Think about it like what individuals like to boast and brag about on their dating sites and their dating profiles. Some people like to talk about their hobbies, while others focus more on their height. Some even boast about their pets or their circle of friends.

Then, there are those who brag about things we would never even think about.

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Some members of the opposite sex like to brag about certain things that we really don't want, nor need. Sometimes, it is almost comical looking through the potential dating pool and wondering what others find attractive or even positive. Sometimes, we can't do anything else other than shake our heads reading what people write and say online.

Recently, one Twitter user caught the eye of others online after boasting and bragging about himself.

Twitter | @vickers_stephen

Twitter user @vickers_stephen let out all of his dating frustration on Twitter when he decided to ask questions about why he cannot get a girl to go steady with him, or even date him. According to "Dangerously Beefy," he has a good salary, has health insurance, and a 401k—which many people admire. But, he also gets 700 lbs of beef a year and lives on a couple of hundred acres—something not most people have...or brag about.

Everyone online, and us, look like this while reading this tweet:

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Yes, we are just as confused as you are. Sure, bragging about your salary and your job, especially your 401k, is pretty standard when trying to get a girl. Tons of people brag about that kind of stuff in today's day and age, seeing as half of us can't afford a mortgage. But, the beef—that threw us for a curveball. I've never heard anyone brag about the amount of beef they get per year. Ever. In my life.

Other people on Twitter had a field day with this, too.

Twitter | @ceylanamo

One Twitter user decided to go the classic route and take a Jayne Austen spin on things. Her tweet is very similar to the way that Pride & Prejudice starts off. I mean, it is a fantastic play on words, and quite frankly, adds even more hilarity to the situation.

Another guy had to jump into the mix, too.

Twitter | @brainwormholes

One guy on Twitter decided to go full troll mode as he said that maybe, just maybe, he couldn't get a girl for the same reason. I mean, maybe he's right, maybe they just need more beef than what they currently have. Maybe 300 is simply not enough.

This Twitter user said what we are all thinking.

Twitter | @theREALetaTREE

Obviously, if it's not the income, it's not the career, and it's not the 401k—or, the beef—what can it be? If a guy is "perfect on paper" and still can't seem to lock down a solid female to date and build a life with, what is the possible problem? One Twitter user hit the nail on the head. It obviously, without a doubt, has to be his personality. And, from the original tweet, seems to check out.

Another one-upped his "beef brag."

Twitter | @rockiesVSconnor

Another Twitter user decided to jump on the beef train and troll him to no end, saying that he has "800 lbs of beef a year" and on top of that, he gets laid all of the time. Maybe this guy needs to step his game up, because if he's only getting 700 lbs of beef a year, it has to be that 100 lbs of beef missing as to why his "girl game" is so low.

This girl knows what's up.

Twitter | @crowlestqueen

A Twitter user so graciously pointed out that she always asks someone how many pounds of beef they have before they date them, because that's clearly the question to ask on a first date. And, this is precisely how she ended up married to someone who gets 80,000 pounds of beef a year. And, on top of that, meat is more important than anything else.

One doctor also pointed out the obvious.

twitter | Twitter l @DrJessTaylor

While this Twitter user bragged away about all he can provide, a female doctor on Twitter pointed out that most women aren't always looking for someone to provide for them. She shared that she makes her own money and has her own degree, because not all women are looking for someone to take care of them.

And, another woman echoed this notion.

Twitter | @AllisonRFloyd

Another woman pointed out a similar thing: we don't want someone to provide for us, we can do that ourselves. What we want is someone to love us and care about us. Don't worry about the money, worry about how you come off, instead.

And, she wanted to know—as we all do—what the hell is up with all of that beef?!?