20 Truly Unfortunate Things To Have Gone Missing

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Left side: A brown couch on someone's front porch with a white text box that reads, "They turned up where?". Right side: a fast food bag stuck in the closed doors of a subway car.
reddit | --paQman--

Though we try our best to keep on top of everything, there's no denying life's inherent chaotic nature. Thanks to this, it's not uncommon that we find ourselves losing something now and then, though it's never an enjoyable experience.

The pictures in this list show some truly unfortunate losses, both for those who lost the item, and those who found it.

"The crucial 4th ice cream bowl was lost at some point, forever altering the vibe."

Three bowls with hand-painted children and text on them. The text, in sequence, reads, "I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream".
reddit | theportraitssecret

It sure does alter the vibe, but arguably in a much funnier way. Like, yes, it's creepy, but if you're self-aware about it, that gets rid of all the inherent weirdness and replaces it with hilarity! I call dibs on "we all scream".

"Disc 1 of The Fellowship of the Ring was missing from this LOTR set I just bought."

A laid out DVD box-set of the Lord of the Rings trilogy with the first disk missing.
reddit | NickLandis

Which would you all consider worse? Losing the first disc, or the last one? Losing the first prevents you from even starting a marathon or even a casual re-watch of the series, but losing the last one means you'll never get to finish said re-watch. Tough decisions.

"About finishing the book only to discover that 10 pages are missing."

A hand holding a book open, showing a page jump from 170 to 181.
reddit | AlphaPlutonium

You could consider this a plot twist! As in, the plot twists in a completely new direction that you can no longer follow because you're missing ten whole pages of content.

Whoever tore those pages out did it pretty cleanly, though, so kudos for that at least.

"Only 2 missing."

A library book shelf showing an series of commemorative books whose spines forma  picture of a starry sky, but two books are missing.
reddit | JIGamerGuy

On one hand, it sucks that there are two missing and that's messing up the whole pic, but on the other, that's the nature of libraries! I don't even know what's in World Books even though I've seen them before, so at least someone out there does know and is checking them out.

"I assembled my first exercise bike tonight. Too bad the seat was missing from the box."

An stationary bike against a wall with the seat missing.
reddit | kleingrunmann

You ordered the hard-mode cycle. You can still sit on this, but it'll take a lot of precision and a good bit of bravery on your end. It may not be comfortable, but it'll help tighten up those glutes!

Or you can just stand.

"Anyone missing a hitch?"

A trailer hitch that has hit someone's car window, creating a large web of cracks.
reddit | aldidog

One thing's for certain, you're definitely not.

What you might be missing is some shards of glass from your window, a little bit of pride from the way you screamed when this came knocking, and the confidence to ever drive behind a pickup truck again.

"Two days ago the soap went missing by my kitchen sink. Today, I looked up."

An image of a kitchen counter in front of a window. When looking upwards, you can see the soap caught in the window's blinds.
reddit | rogwolves

This is so bizarre it's looped back around to being impressive! When someone asked how they managed to do this, they explained it like this, "The blind was down, then when it was pulled back up the soap got caught in it."

"The scrabble set at my [Airbnb] is missing an L, I could have won if I had an L."

Every tile from a Scrabble game laid out, with one L tile missing.
reddit | The_Rednax

Think of it this way. Even if that L tile was in the game, there was no guarantee you were ever going to pull, it, meaning no matter what timeline this happened in, you probably still lost! Does that help?

"Now that it's getting warm, I finally found my missing beanie."

A grey chair with a matching grey beanie partially hidden between the cushion and the arm.
reddit | ProudTacoman

"In the colder months, winter accessories tend to take on a form of camouflage to avoid being seen by their predators. They'll attempt to blend in with furniture, in drawers, anywhere they are left from the year before, lest they get snatched up and forced to work another season.

"The street sign was stolen so I missed my turn."

A photo taken at an intersection with the street sign missing from the post.
reddit | [deleted]

And this is one reason I find myself relying even more on GPS services like Google Maps. I don't need to go around memorizing street names and missing turns if I just wait for the nice lady to tell me to turn right.

"My wife’s wedding ring went missing…"

An x-ray of a dog's stomach showing a ring inside.
reddit | coffeeandcelluloid

That doesn't look missing, really. You know exactly where it is now! That doesn't mean you'll be able to get it back necessarily, but at least you don't need to keep looking. That's a relief on its own, right?

"Looks like someone's missing a bike."

A single bike tire locked to a bike rack with a bike lock.
reddit | Paran0idAlien

Somehow, only getting part of your bike stolen, even if it's most parts, feels so much worse than getting your entire bike stolen. Now, even if you get it back, you still have to put it together like some sad puzzle.

"Nephew got into my Hotwheels Collection today while visiting. 5 still missing."

Two packages of vintage Hot Wheels cars torn open.
reddit | Wiccan_Rede

The uploader was being very calm about this situation, explaining that they didn't blame their nephew at all because he's a kid and he doesn't know better. I'm not that morally clean. I would definitely be mad at a child if they did this to me.

Making new friends.

A just of milk among various bottle of alcohol.
reddit | ollieoliverx000

"After a night of drinking Friday, I topped it off with a White Russian before bed. I just found the milk I was missing - put away between the vodka and Kahlua in the liquor cabinet above the fridge."

"Found all the missing forks in my husband’s work bag!?!?"

A lineup of forks.
reddit | Scrollingnews

I'll admit to also being guilty of this exact thing back when I was in school. I accidentally stole an absurd amount of my parents' utensils for my lunches, then just did not put them back when I returned home.

"Someone's missing their dog?"

A dog stop a house roof.
reddit | Maklo_Never_Forget

That dog looks pretty chill up there, I'm willing to bet this is something he does often. Some dogs just like to be tall, much to the chagrin of their owners, but who could deny such a good boy a little climbing trip?

"Anyone missing a pair of green-handled pliers, I found em for you."

A pair of rusty pliers lodged deep in a car tire.
reddit | HERMANNATOR85

In what way do you have to roll over one of these things where the rounded handle edge slips perfectly into your tire? It really nestled in there too. It looks comfortable, almost. Would you really want to take it out when it's so cozy?

A gift for you!

A brown couch on a house's front porch with one cushion missing.
reddit | --paQman--

"Someone doorbell ditched our has at 11 pm last night and left this couch on our porch. One cushion missing so we probably won't even be able to give it away lol."

Well, if you have to keep it there, at least you'll have a comfortable porch lounging spot!

"My new knife set is missing a knife. I wish I was joking."

A knife block next to the box it came in, missing one knife.
reddit | [deleted]

People started pointing out some weird inconsistencies here, like how the photo on the box shows two knives on the right side while the actual block has four, for some reason, meaning maybe they did still get the right amount? It's a head-scratcher.

"She tried to hold the doors with her dinner in her hands. She missed the train, but her dinner didn't."

A fast food bag stuck between the closed doors of a subway car.
reddit | old_gold_mountain

This might be the saddest image I've ever seen. A bag of food, trapped without an owner, and knowing there's the owner on a now-distant platform, longing for a dinner they lost in a split second. A modern tragedy.