Woman Finds Wedding Photo Negatives In Old Dresser And Finds Owner

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An old photograph depicting a family posing for a wedding photo. Bride and groom in the middle, surrounded by their parents.
Facebook | Stephanie Yau

Having photos of special moments like your wedding day is important to pretty much everyone. But long before we could save our memories to the cloud or upload them to social media albums, keeping photos was a bit more of a precarious situation.

Stephanie Yau found negatives for a couple's wedding photos... from 1987.

A couple's wedding photo from 1987. The bride and groom stand in front of a large shrub.
Facebook | Stephanie Yau

Yau and her partner, who are from Great Britain, found the old film negatives in a secondhand chest of drawers that they'd purchased recently, Insider reported.

Yau recounted the discovery in a Facebook post.

A vintage drawer set. The shelves are completely empty, except for a pair of camera film negatives.
Facebook | Stephanie Yau

"We recently bought a piece of Mid-century furniture off Facebook Marketplace from someone who lives in Heaton Moor in Stockport," she wrote. "The seller tells me he originally bought the piece of furniture from a clearance shop in Gloucester."

"I used an app (who knew you didn’t need to go to Boots anymore!) to scan and develop them and discovered somebody’s wonderful wedding photos."

A bride and groom, surrounded by their parents, standing outdoors for a wedding photo.
Facebook | Stephanie Yau

"It’s probably a long shot but I thought it would be amazing to see if anyone online recognises these people and could perhaps send these onto them?"

So she set out to find who they belonged to.

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Yau spoke with Insider, saying that her online post sparked help from her community. "Some people said they were going for walks in Gloucestershire and would check out the church near them because they think it might be that one," she told them.

She then received a message from the family.

A GIF of an envelope on a purple background.. Tree dots appear underneath the envelope.
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After giving an interview with the BBC, Yau received a message from the son-in-law of the couple in the photo. At this time, the family wishes to remain anonymous.

According to the son-in-law, the photos were taken around Birmingham, England.

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Unsplash | A Perry

It looks like Yau's search didn't take her too far away from home.

Seeing the photos was a real blast from the past for the couple.

A GIF of a woman shaking her head with wide eyes and an open mouth, in shock.

Yau told Insider that the bride in the photos was shocked to see all those old wedding pictures on the news, but was glad to be reunited with the negatives.

And don't worry, the couple is still happily married.

Lucile Ball looking relived, text saying, "Oh! thank goodness."
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Though Yau was initially nervous about finding the couple — in case they were no longer together — she's glad she still went through with the plan.

But there's still one mystery left in this story.

A woman looking suspicious. Text that reads, "wait a minute.."
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According to Yau, the couple never lived in Gloucestershire, and never even owned the piece of furniture in which Yau found the negatives. So who knows how they got there?

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