30 Parents Who Told Twitter The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth

Ashley Hunte
A mom and child laughing.
Twitter | @IHideFromMyKids

Being a parent may be tough at times, but there are also a lot of strange, funny moments that get you through the day. If we're lucky, the parents of the internet will share those moments with the rest of us.

And I guess we're pretty lucky, because the parents of Twitter love to share the funny interactions they have with their kids. Here are some of the funniest.

Some lessons are learned the hard way.

I don't blame the poor kid for thinking To Kill a Mockingbird was related in some way to The Hunger Games series. They do share a similar bird name, don't they? You live and you learn I guess...

Like, on purpose, or...?

I really need to know if the kid calls Netflix "Netflakes" because she thinks it's funny, or because she genuinely thinks that's what the name of the app is. Either way, though, it's comedy gold.

Time to break out into song and dance.

Any lesson that can turn into a recital of "Bohemian Rhapsody" is a good lesson indeed. I don't really think this guy's son is going to learn a lot about Galileo, but he might walk away with some song lyrics memorized.

Hmm, I wonder if the two are related...

No doubt in my mind that the daughter's mood was directly impacted by the fact that she got money from her mom. To be fair, though, what else would you expect?

An obvious emergency.

Didn't you know? When a kid has a craving, it's an emergency. So I think this kid used his emergency texting powers for good.

Nothing beats affectionate nicknames from your kids.

I'm not really sure I'd want my kids calling me things like "bruh," but I appreciate the spirit of the nickname. I think just calling your mom "mom" is perfectly fine, though.

Don't you love it when your kids believe in you.

Imagine being in a show where you know celebrities are going to be in the audience, only to tell your kid, who then tells you not to embarrass yourself. Got to love it when your kid has zero faith in you.

Funny enough, I don't think the dog minds.

I have the sinking suspicion that this dog does not care about having rhinestones on his butt. Either that, or he never notice. In any case, the daughter definitely has no regrets.

Get them started early.

To be honest, you could tell me this is an actual NFT and I wouldn't bat an eye. And I'd much prefer one of these trays for kids over an ugly monkey JPEG any day.

I'm sure this guy's son would agree.

Where does it all come from!?

The funny thing about kids and their seemingly infinite amount of laundry is that it never seems to go away. It just seems less infinite when they start doing their own laundry. And then... they have kids with infinite laundry, and the (spin) cycle repeats.

Just trying to get it over and done with.

I think it's safe to say that most kids would rather be out playing than shopping for clothes. This kid totally brought whatever pair of pants they could find first just to get out of there.

But sharing is caring!

Being a parent means sacrificing so that your kids can have more than you may have at their age. And yes, that also means not being upset when they take your chicken nuggets out from under your nose.

Eleven going on middle-aged dad.

This kid is wise beyond her years, I'd say. She successfully out dad-ed her dad in the dad joke world. I'm sure that this guy is proud of his little protégé, even if it may mean giving up the throne.

All of them.

Those strange animal amalgamations may be cute in toy form, but they would be absolutely terrifying as real animals. The elephant head on a gator body on giraffe legs is especially freaking me out.

At least the kid's creative?

Asking the tough questions.

Surprisingly, kids tend to think about death a lot. Even though you probably don't need to expect these kinds of questions all the time, you should be prepared for some pretty uncomfortable talks about mortality.

You're a mean one...

I think the strangest part about this tweet is that it was posted a full month after Christmas, which means the Grinch has left a lasting impression on this girl. Hopefully she'll overcome her fear soon...

So close, and yet.

Pringles don't have moustaches on them, nor are they crackers. But I can see how this kid would get that idea. I guess having a logo that's easily recognizable really does work wonders.

If only it were that easy.

The way kids have absolute no concept of scale when it comes to money is hilarious to me. The look at a $20 bill and think it's infinite money, but then will also think renting a private jet is easy.

I, too, will now identify as a dragon.

This adorable, three-year-old dragon still hasn't answered whether she's a big dragon or a little dragon, though.

It's a practical lesson!

Just don't explain inflation to them or they'll be expecting more than loose change from the Tooth Fairy.

Imagine how they'd react to a rotary dial?

My parent's still had an old rotary phone when I was a kid and it was both awesome and kind of the worst. Dialling took forever and the thing weighed a ton, making long chats with friends difficult.

Now that I think about it...my parents were geniuses.

He'll never know.

Admittedly, I'd do the exact same thing. Kids get first dibs on so many snacks, so occasionally, parents should get to indulge too.

When in doubt, blame the kid.

Considering that the other day I only realized my shirt was on inside out when I saw myself on the Zoom screen, I wish I had a kid to blame.

It's "mental" health food.

What does a kid need a brownie for breakfast for? It's the parent who needs a boost of sugar and dopamine after the marathon of a school day morning.

It's only fair, right?

When kids are learning to use the potty, we spend a lot of time asking them about their business. And then they're expected to understand the nuances of when and where such talk is appropriate?

Really, kids and bathrooms are kind of the worst combo.

Or the best, depending on your tolerance for literal potty humor.

Not a parent of a five-year-old...but same.

To be fair, I went through a very serious Jurassic Park phase that I've never truly grown out of.

And then they complain about being too tired for school.

Then, some kids never develop that self-awareness and become adults who chug coffee all day and don't connect their late night video game sessions to their tiredness.

It'll never end.

If your kid is talkative as a kid, then they're going to be talkative as a grownup. In short, you'll never hear the end of it. But you really wouldn't have it any other way, would you?

A nice little bonding moment.

The main job of any parent is to teach their kids how to be independent and grow into functioning members of society. It's going to be kind of hard to do that if they're being taught the wrong way, though.