20 Hilarious Designs We Can 1000% Get Behind

Ashley Hunte
Red Smart car with a hook on the back for towing trailers.
Reddit | DogeBoi6

While there are a lot of designs out there that seem too good to be true, so many of them take themselves too seriously. Not these designs, though. They strike the perfect balance between surprisingly funny, and surprisingly useful.

Okay, so may not every design on this list is going to be super practical. But that doesn't make them bad, or useless in any way. Just... different.

"Chick-fil-A rain suits"

A person outside of a fast food drive thru, delivering an order to a pickup truck. The person is wearing a neon yellow/green tent-like structure that goes from their head to their knees.
Reddit | unknown14521452

This is actually incredible. Like, sure, it's hilarious to watch someone in a little rain tent walk around, taking orders and whatnot. But it's also going to keep them dry. Sometimes, you have to look a little ridiculous to save yourself some grief later.

"Aisle of Death & Aisle of Life at a Hardware store."

Two aisles in a hardware store. One aisle reads, "Aisle of death," and contains bug and weed killer. The second one says, "Aisle of life," and contains fertilizers and potting soil.
reddit | theXAKARI

I mean, they aren't wrong. One aisle does contain stuff that's going to kill pests, while the other one has the stuff you need to bring your garden to life. Don't you just love it when a design is hilarious and accurate at the same time?

"There are flip-flop vending machines in Rio."

A vending machine full of nothing but various pairs of flip flops.
reddit | fndo84

I don't know about you, but the idea that any vending machine can have something other than cans of soda or bags of chips is wild to me. It's so silly, but cool!

Like, who comes up with this kind of stuff? And do they know that they're a certified genius?

"A swing so a baby and caregiver can swing together."

A park swing with two seats; one for toddlers and small kids, and the other right behind it, meant for adults or older kids.
reddit | kirby83

This is honestly such an incredible idea, and I'm actually surprised no one's thought of it sooner.

At the same time... imagining a person swinging on that swing while also pushing a baby on the baby swing is too much. Maybe that's why no one's thought of it.

"This tomato sauce cup that you can use as a regular glass after."

A person's hand holding a jar of tomato sauce that looks like a glass. A grocery store aisle is in the background.
reddit | Ki_ro

I'm imagining some broke college student somewhere collecting these jars of sauce so that they can use them as cheap wine glasses in their student apartment. Hilarious, but surprisingly clever.

"This is the back yard of a neighbor."

A picture taken from inside a car, showing someone's alien-themed yard, complete with a large, space shuttle-like structure and a barrier gate with an alien head cutout on it.
Reddit | nogroundpizza

This is the kind of yard that would definitely turn heads if you've never met the homeowner before. But hey, you can really decorate your yard however you want, can't you?

Why do I suddenly want to do this at my own home...?

"This bag designed for pizza."

A person in a subway stop whose head is cropped out of the picture. They're holding a bag with holes in each of the corners, made to accommodate a pizza box.
reddit | iiTaurusii

Look, I can appreciate genius when I see it. But that doesn't mean I can't also laugh at genius. Because this bag is somehow the funniest bag I've ever seen, and the smartest at the same time.

"This 'waste-reducing' hotel bar soap that’s 'designed to eliminate the unused center of traditional soap bars.'"

A person holding a bar of soap that's completely hollow in the middle. The packaging for the soap sits in front of the hand.
reddit | yo_lili

On one hand, the way this bar of soap looks just makes me want to laugh. There's something really ridiculous about it.

But... if the format is designed to cut down on waste, then it's got to be good!

"The eccentric design of this mailbox."

A picture of a mailbox sitting outside among trees in autumn. The mailbox has an abnormal design; it sits on top of a wooden post sitting horizontally on top of a second post, that extends diagonally toward the ground.
Reddit | Ear***

I love how ridiculously over the top this mailbox is. It's the kind that basically acts like a landmark.

"Okay, which house is yours?" "Oh, just the one over there with the funny-looking mailbox out front."

"This jacket has a little hole that you can see your watch through."

A person wearing a jacket. On the left arm of the jacket is a hole covered in a see-through plastic, essentially acting as a window for a wristwatch.
Reddit | izokh

This looks like the kind of jacket you'd see people wearing at a steampunk convention. But the person who can look at the time without whipping out their phone or pulling up their sleeve will probably have the last laugh.

"My pocket knife came in this giant box with this picture attached."

A package for a Moosejaw Knife. The box itself is much larger than the actual knife (which is in a smaller box), and comes with a printout of a screenshot from the movie Crocodile Dundee.
Reddit | BoringBreak7509

You know when you have a pocket knife and someone looks at it and says, "that's not a knife" (if you know, you know), so you have to go out and get a new one? This is probably where you should buy your new knife from.

"I love all warning signs in the Bahamas."

A sign for a pool that says, "The good looking young lady nearby is not a lifeguard. So if you do not know how to swim, you had better get her to agree in advance to save you if you go in the pool, because no one else will."
reddit | hellzyeah12

The best part about this sign is the fact that it uses humor in order to get its point across. You probably won't forget that the good looking young woman isn't a lifeguard after this.

"I feel it would have been less effort to just give it one but ok."

A street corner with a sign, labeling the street as, "The Street With No Name."
Reddit | Ok-Bobcat-3905

If you can't think of a name for something, just call it "the X with no name." Not only will it have a name, but it'll reflect the fact that you couldn't come up with a name.

This is the kind of naming I can get behind.

"Beep Beep."

The back of a green Kia Soul on the road. A bumper sticker in the bottom left corner of the trunk door reads, "Student driver, I'm f******* trying."
Reddit | RayRayKun3

I've learned over the years to be a little more patient when it comes to student drivers. But some people have zero patience for anyone ever. Even though this bumper sticker is hilarious, I don't know if it's going to stop all the beeping this car probably gets.

"It's a Purple Nurple."

A purple sports car. The licence plate on the car reads, "Nurple."
Reddit | CivilizedPsycho

This right here is the only purple nurple that any person should ever have or receive. But I really can't believe someone decided to take the opportunity to do this.

"I can already imagine the poor thing towing a boat or a loaded trailer."

A small, red cube car with a hook on the back bumper for towing trailers.
Reddit | DogeBoi6

I can't imagine what kinds of things you'd be trying to tow with such a small car, but at least it's there... just in case...

Might want to just rent a van or something, though.

"Spotted this classy pottery at a thrift store."

A jar on the shelf in a store. Text on the jar reads, "deadly farts."
Reddit | SweetPrism

Say what you will about this little jar, but no nosey guest will ever think about opening it. It would be a pretty clever place to hide jewelry or other valuables, I'd think.

"My dog’s daycare has a calendar. Here is this month’s photo."

Two dogs, both making funny faces while facing the camera.
Reddit | Toasty33

Whoever designed this calendar is a true hero. Dogs aren't always cute and graceful. In fact, they usually make faces that look a little more like these guys. And I'm totally here for it.

"Finally, an action figure I can relate to."

A package for a joke action figure called, "Me passing out from standing up too quickly, because I'm an old piece of s***."
Reddit | dysstatic

I have a feeling this is one of those fake toys people make to put in random stores (like Obvious Plant). But man, do I ever want one. I'm more of a vision-goes-black-if-I-stand-up-too-fast person myself, but I can still relate to this.


A dentist office called "Dentist near me," as seen from a parking lot on a cloudy day.
Reddit | c_cannon18

You know how you might Google something like "restaurants near me," or "dentists near me?" Well, someone took that idea to the next level, and I couldn't be any more impressed.

I'm, like, almost tempted to switch dentists now.