19 Dumb Things People Spend A Lot Of Money On

Sarah Kester

Have you ever purchased something that you regretted? 

It could be a skincare product that you purchased from an MLM hun in your Facebook inbox or a treadmill that you were once motivated to use. Maybe it was a purchase that was made while you were high on pain meds. 

Whatever it is, what you're feeling right now is buyer's remorse. And the only cure is reading through these stories of other people’s bad purchases. 

Prepare to feel a lot better!

The Katana

Unsplash | Amer Mughawish

In case you don't know what that is, it's a Japanese sword. For whatever reason, this Redditor bought it when they were on a first date. While they had hopes to hang it on the wall, it never happened... there was also no second date.

The craft kits

instagram | New Line Cinema

"I’ve bought a lot of how to kits/books. Like how to knit, how to calligraphy, how to paint, how to write poetry, etc... have I learned how to do a single one of those things? No, no I have not." - u/bethmichelle19

The rare book

Giphy | Netflix España

Joe from You would be so sad! This Redditor traded their rare volume book at a local store because they thought they had two of them.

So when they went back to the same book store and bought it, they were so excited because they didn’t think they owned it.

They were wrong.

The pain meds

Unsplash | rupixen.com

"I had surgery a couple weeks ago and am now receiving packages with ugly graphic t-shirts and useless [expletive] I bought from ads on Instagram while high on pain meds that I completely forgot about. Pain med online shopping is something else." -u/JagerKitteh

The faceless doll

Sounds pretty scary, right? It IS, so much so that the Redditor who bought it to creep people out got scared by it. Talk about a plan backfiring!

Movies like Annabelle have made creepy dolls a bad purchase to make.

The fish tank

Unsplash | Delbert Pagayona

"400 dollar fish tank lighting. I wasn't carpenter enough to build the hood to mount it. It sits in the basement as a monument of my idiocy." - u/Argle

The bondage gear

Unsplash | Deon Black

Oh boy, strap yourselves in. This one's a doozy! When someone told this woman that the guy she liked was into dominant women, she dropped nearly $600 on bondage gear. Soon, she hit a few snags.


First, the dominatrix outfits looked ridiculous.

Giphy | TLC Europe

And two, she couldn't come up with any non-mortifying way to let this guy know that she was prepared to dominate him. In the end, she ended up giving it all away to an elderly gay couple on Craigslist. "That was my $600 value charity donation for the year. Wasn't even tax-deductible."

The designer slides

Unsplash | Élison Bartolomeu

"I bought gucci flip flops because of rap music. They’re the right size but they cut up my feet if I walk more than what I assume is 3x the perimeter of an average pool." -u/BongRips4Jezus

The commissioned rat


This Redditor had sweet intentions when he commissioned an artist to paint a portrait of his then-girlfriend’s dying pet rat.

But by the time the artwork was done, the relationship had ended, leaving him in an awkward position. In the end, he gave it to her, even though it probably made her feel guilty about dumping him.

The ex-girlfriend

"An ex broke up with me. She was the first person I dated and didn’t really know how to navigate the breakup so I bought her a really thoughtful gift for her birthday a month later. What a waste of money and time looking back on it."-u/tellmetheworld

The hermit crabs


This guy on crabs on his first date... but it's not what you're thinking! He thought it would be funny and impress his date if he bought hermit crabs from a boardwalk vendor in New Jersey.

Since he had no place to put them, they went to PetSmart and he spent $100 on a proper setup.

This included a tank, food, sand, and a log for them to play on.

Unsplash | Mackenzie Weber

As you probably already figured out, the girl wasn't impressed. She friend-zoned him.

But it's okay because at least he has his two crabs, Pickles and Júrgis, to keep him company!

The generous co-worker

"I used to buy Starbucks and/or lunch for several coworkers multiple times a week. I was in an incredible amount of debt." - /1000livesofmagic.

You have to wonder what the purpose behind this was. To make friends? To impress others? They just really liked Starbucks?

Either way, talk about a grande mistake!

The Beanie Babies

Unsplash | freestocks

This poor Redditor! They bought $50 worth of Beanie Babies because they thought they’d be worth something.

Oh, how wrong they were. While some toys go on to be worth thousands of dollars decades later, Beanie Babies never had that kind of value.

The sign language books

Unsplash | Sincerely Media

"I bought several sign language books because I wanted to make friends with a deaf kid at my school. I ended up learning a tiny amount before discovering he was a total creep who wouldn’t stop staring at my feet." - u/GA_HoneyBee Wait, wut?

The gym membership

Giphy | The Late Late Show with James Corden

We all have high hopes when we sign up for the gym. But a lot of us let the gym membership go to waste.

This Redditor kept their personal training package and gym membership for far too long because they felt awkward And yes, they wrote that they're still fat.

The car

Unsplash | Erik Mclean

"A brand new car. The worst investment you'll ever make. Literally lost thousands after driving it off the lot. Best to buy a car a couple of years old and let someone else eat that deprecation while you get a pretty much brand new car for a fraction of the cost." - u/dylthethrill10

The porcelain dog

youtube | NBC

"When I was 7, I saved up for a 1’ (foot) high porcelain Dalmatian from a department store. My pocket money was £1/week, the dog cost £27.

My mother still has it at her house. It’s the kind of thing a 70 year old would buy. I have no [expletive] idea what was going on in my head." - u/ISPEAKMACHINE

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