20 People Having A Bad Time But Getting A Good Story

A severed fiber optic cable
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If something bad is going to happen, it's nice to come away from the experience with a decent story, at the very least.

It might not turn a bad situation into a good one, but sometimes we have to look for silver linings wherever we can.

"My father forgot to tell me the renovations would be taking the stairs out today."

A man installing stairs
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You can look at this in two ways: it's either a huge impediment to getting downstairs, or it's the beginning of a new life on the second floor.

"When you prefer to buy things in person, but it's not even remotely feasible..."

A price comparison between cables: $73.99 at Staples, $9.33 at Amazon
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I try to avoid shopping online. I try to support local businesses. But between pandemic shortages and Amazon's low, low prices, sometimes it's hard not to stay online.

"Gave my Netflix password to my two little cousins (Squidgame Avatars) and they changed my previous profiles to their 'Mom' and 'Dad.' My family members and I are considered as 'Guest' in the new profile they created."

A TV screen showing different Netflix profiles
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Kids can be ruthless sometimes, and this is a perfect example. Got your own Netflix profile? If you give the password to kids, you might not have your own profile anymore.

"I’m just trying to refund two tickets…"

A phone showing a 2 hour and 57 minute conversation with American Airlines
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Just looking at this image fills me with anxiety. The prospect of calling an airline and trying to get anything at all accomplished just feels like a fool's errand.

"Knife snapped and nearly hit my wife in the face."

A knife with a broken blade
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Well, the knife is useless now, and fortunately no one was hurt. This couple will always have a good story about almost getting slashed in the face.

"My wife's attempt at making vegan waffles..."

A scorched, ruined waffle on a waffle iron
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Some vegan food works pretty well, but other times, the limitations of the ingredients become quickly apparent. Sometimes you just need actual eggs, you know?

"Guess who's never going snowboarding ever again?"

A man with a neck brace lying in a hospital bed
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As a one-time snowboarder who left the experience with completely mangled legs, I feel this guy's pain. I mean, not literally.

"Guess what kind of animal nonchalantly pushed my mug from the table."

A broken cat-themed mug
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I love how cats will push something a bit, assess the situation, then push it a bit more, then re-assess, then completely destroy the object and run off like they've done nothing wrong.

"Welp, I almost fell into a sinkhole under my porch. I caught myself on the edge of the hole, from my chest down was just dangling beneath me. Below the opening the hole is about 10’ wide and 15’ deep. Fun fact I watched the movie Journey to the Center of the Earth yesterday."

A sinkhole in a snowy yard
reddit | Reddit | Punk_Chachi

Sinkholes are kind of terrifying, because they happen relatively regularly and it's hard to predict when and where they might happen. This doesn't bode well for the house next to it.

"Bought these binoculars specifically to go to the Grand Canyon today."

A man standing at the Grand Canyon in whiteout conditions
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It seems like a trip to the Grand Canyon will end in one of two ways: with a camera reel full of stunning photos, or a camera reel showing endless fog and no Grand Canyon.

"Just got home from a rushed trip to Home Depot and found this in my bag."

A price scanner
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This is a big get for this person. Now they can check the prices of everything around their house: valuables, electronics, even family members.

"Happy new year? 10 minutes after midnight a loud metallic bounce came off the floor."

A hand holding a bullet
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Is it good luck or bad luck to have a stray bullet come through your window to ring in the new year? Kind of seems like bad luck.

"This is my view from the bathroom floor, looking at the hole in the ceiling I just fell through."

A broken bathroom ceiling
reddit | Reddit | StickyMcdoodle

We like to think of our houses as solid, sturdy objects, but it takes one person stepping in one weak spot to completely destroy that illusion.

"Sold my iPad in public space at night in Minnesotan -10F temperature, turned out it's fake."

A stack of counterfeit $100 US bills.
reddit | Reddit | raimibonn

I thought Minnesotans were honest people. Seeing this image kind of throws me for a loop. I guess one dishonest Minnesotan is now one iPad richer.

"Ordered a keyboard from Staples, was sent a case of Dr. Pepper instead."

A case of Dr. Pepper with a shipping label
reddit | Reddit | CampLonely

This is one of the hazards of shopping online: ordering one thing and getting a completely random object from the warehouse instead. At least Dr. Pepper's delicious.

"I accidentally ripped out my eyelashes an hour before I got married."

An eyelash curler with eyelashes inside; a woman missing eyelashes
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When someone is missing eyelashes, it's the kind of thing you might not even notice. But when they tell you they're missing eyelashes, it's impossible to not notice.

"Came home after a long shift, went to get some food, a mouse was in it."

Mouse in a pot of pasta
reddit | Reddit | haddyboo

An optimist would see this as a real-life Ratatouille situation. A pessimist would freak out that their dinner was ruined and that they've got mice. Let's just say I'm a pessimist.

"Our landlord keeps saying there's nothing wrong with our shower.."

Bathtub full of black substance
reddit | Reddit | Cheddar18

I don't even know what this stuff is and I don't want to know. I don't know if I've ever seen a more horrifying shower in my life.

"My mother destroyed my screen, because my dogs woke her up."

Broken computer monitor
reddit | Reddit | Radioaktivman999

If anyone's ever wondering why this screen is broken, they'll get a long story. A long story that begins with a couple of humble dog barks.

"The guys digging for Google fiber just cut my AT&T fiber line. And I work from home. Great."

Cut fiber optic line
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Fiber optic internet is a beautiful thing, with ridiculously fast download speeds for relatively inexpensive prices.

That is assuming, of course, that no one cuts it on you.