We were not prepared for these two men to become best friends. As if we couldn't love these two enough separately, Zac Efron and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson had to co-star in Baywatch and drop the jaws of women (and men) everywhere.

They found love in a hopeless place and we get to witness it before our very eyes — especially if you follow either of them on their social media accounts, which seem to now be dedicated to one another.

If you're like us and you can't get enough of this ab-tastic duo, we've got all the Zac Efron/The Rock bromance love they've given each other over the course of this delicious relationship.


It all started when they began working together.

Little did they know, a bromance was budding. It's obvious they had chemistry from the beginning of time and the two must have gotten very close over the course of shooting the film.

Instagram |  @zacefron

They were obviously inseparable since then.

During their press tour they have been joined at the hip, thankful that this friendship does not have to end so quickly. 

I will forever send my gratitude to cupid for making this happen.

Instagram |  @zacefron

Zac started sending love in the public eye.

With another beautiful picture, Zac gave Dwayne a birthday shoutout, thanking him for "bringing us, the people, your hard work, honor and justice, every single day...and for your sexy eyebrows."

From then on all was unleashed.

Instagram |  @zacefron

The Rock quickly reciprocated.

I'm so glad they appreciate the beauty of one another. We were starting to get worried they didn't know how perfect they are.

How dare Zac have a 36-pack??

Instagram |  @therock

The exchanges continue.

With plenty of references to the film, we can't help but think this is something more than shameless self-promotion.

Is it just me or does Zac make a decent girl?

Twitter |  @ZacEfron

OK, we get it...

The amount of support these two love-birds continue to show is going quite far at this point. Enough, we're getting jealous now.

Twitter |  @ZacEfron

Well... maybe a bit more couldn't hurt.

We're loving every minute of this bromance and we wish them many years of love and happiness. 

Baywatch 2 anyone?


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