You met, you dated, you got married and now you live together as husband and wife. But somewhere along the way, things changed.

Why is she so stressed all the time? Rather than trying to make things better with band-aid solutions, you can get to the heart of things—and, hopefully, alleviate her stress—by identifying the root causes of her worries.


You don't talk.

Sure, you communicate the bare necessities to each other. But when was the last time you actually had a good conversation?

If all you talk about is tomorrow's obligations or how lousy your day was, you're probably stressing her out. Spend some time together, shut out the distractions, and actually talk.

You're not making the changes she wants.

You're not making the changes she wants.
Unsplash |  Brooke Cagle

How many times have you discussed/argued responsibilities in the house? How many times have you pledged to do a better job of pulling your weight when it comes to chores and meals?

When you're clearly making no effort to follow through on promises you've made in the past, it's no wonder she's exasperated with you.

You're not asking the right questions.

Sometimes couples talk, but have a way of deftly talking around the elephant in the room.

You don't want to probe too much, but you do want to know what's going on inside her head. If you don't know what she's thinking and feeling, how are you going to be a better husband?


Where'd the excitement go?

It's easy to stay exciting when you're newly in love. After a few years though, you'll need to put more effort into it.

You may have locked each other down, but don't get complacent. Date nights, gifts, special moments and surprises never get old.

She's the only one doing the cooking.

Your family needs three meals a day, and that food has to come from somewhere. As tempting as it may be to sit back and let someone else cook at the end of a long day, you need to pitch in.

No one's asking you to create gourmet masterpieces, but surely you can boil spaghetti and heat up some sauce to give your sweetheart a break from time to time.