A romantic relationship between two people is unlike any other in life. You can have multiple friends and colleagues, but you can (or should) only have one "significant other." This is why they have such a vague but powerful title. Though comparing yourself to other couples is a recipe for disaster, it's important to understand the characteristics of a healthy relationship. We all get rose-colored glasses when we fall in love (no idea who ships these things, but everyone gets them) so here are some aspects of healthy relationships so you can anchor your perceptions in reality.


1. You Can Speak Your Mind Freely

And you can do it without fear. This is a great sign that your relationship is healthy and happy enough to last. Few things are more stressful and emotionally damaging than having to walk on eggshells with your SO. Living together only compounds this.

2. You Have Space To Be Yourself

Personal space is not just a physical social expectation but a psychological necessity. Everyone knows the couple who seems to consume one another by avoiding old hobbies and friends to be together every. single. minute. This is obviously not healthy and not sustainable either. Why the clinging? It's a sign of insecurity. When you can be away from each other without anxiety, things are good!


3. You Make Decisions Together

Fair and balanced is the name of the game. If you're both transparent with one another about finances, fears and feelings, you're likely to have that bond that rolls with the punches. They say the greatest strength is in flexibility, and being honest with one another is the greatest way to establish elasticity in your relationship. Making decisions together keeps you both on the same page so you've always got each other's back.

4. You Fight And Make Up Before Nightfall

Remember when your mother would say, "Be home before the street lights come on"? This is true for your relationships too. Disagreements, even heated ones, are healthy and necessary because life is not always peaches and rainbows. The important part is working through it. You both care about each other and about staying together, so forgive each other before heading to bed. If you two don't go to bed angry, your chances of lasting increase tremendously.