A curious mind needs nourishment. It's hungry for information. Facts feed the brain and keep it spinning along, healthy and happy.

The are a couple of great things about having the kind of mind that hunts down and soaks up information. First, you never know when and how you'll use that information later. It can show up at the least expected time and build on an idea or shed light on a problem.

Secondly, great information wants to be shared. It binds us together when we can all agree on established facts. 

Mind you, agreement seems to be in short supply on the Internet. But facts are facts!

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1. Mirrors are slightly green in color.

You can see the green when you look into a "mirror tunnel". 

imgur | creepymusic

2. The artificial sweetener sucralose was discovered by accident when a test subject thought he was signing up for "taste tests".


3. The spacesuits worn by the Apollo astronauts were designed by Playtex.

The aerospace companies bidding to make the suits spent years trying come up with a workable design. Playtex's winning design was thrown together in six weeks.

4. To make a pound of honey, bees need to visit more than two million flowers and fly around 50,000 miles.