After Star Wars was released, everybody wanted to control the force. Who wouldn't after watching Vader force-choke Imperial officer Conan Antonio Motti or Yoda moving Luke's X-Wing from the swamp? While we're not even remotely close to that kind of force control (everyone has to start off as a Padawan), Canadian company Thalmic Labs has given us control over our electronics. 

The excitement began in February 2013, when Thalmic Labs released a video of its prototype:


In December, the company shipped prototypes to developers, but, ultimately, delayed the overall product, hoping to improve the industrial design. Co-found and CEO of Thalmic Labs, Stephen Lake, told Business Insider

We started last fall, around October, redesigning the industrial design. We wanted to make it more durable, thinner, and reduce the complexity that made it something more manufacturable. One of the big challenges is making a one-size-fits-all that will also be slim. We didn’t want to make multiple sizes, but to meet that constraint the original product had a complex mechanism that made it bulky. We decided that wasn’t the quality we wanted to release.

The final result? What you see below. 
Have You Always Wanted To Be A Jedi? Come September, You'll Be One With The Force.
via Thalmic Labs