Rarities in nature always give us something to marvel at.

Blue moons occur when a given month has more than one full moon.

Halley's Comet is visible every 75 years.

And maybe, once in your entire lifetime, you will witness a man being right.

Oh, stop, I'm kidding. But seriously, sometimes getting it "right" isn't always a woman's version of "right."

If you don't quite know what I mean, just scroll. There's a chance you'll miss some images from all the eye-rolling you're about to do!


1. Okay, busted.

reddit |  5ubie

2. Yes, he did.

reddit |  stephy7

3. Who needs a fancy handle? What are you, the Queen?

reddit |  TheGreatChattesby

4. If you have OCD, this man is your worst nightmare.

reddit |  Goodgardo