Being frugal is truly a lifestyle. As a broke college student, I know a few things here and there that help save a few bucks. I'll use a coupon every now and then, shop on student discount days, get hammered at the pre-drink so I don't have to buy drinks at the bar — ya know, the usual. 

But these particular people pinched a few too many pennies. Needless to say, it was not worth it. 


Look, we all like to have money.

But I'd rather have my dignity, pride and proper sense of self than have a few extra bucks. Granted, I have gotten myself in a few predicaments with overspending (especially when intoxicated). But this guy took it a little too far:

1. Yeah, dude, you really showed her...

No amount of money is worth your literal reputation being slandered in a hella international newspaper. Like, this does not sound like real life.

Also, two weeks after, dude? You waited two weeks to text her for the money? Brooooooo. Bro. 


Don't believe me? 

She's got the receipts. Did it take him all this time to decide he didn't feel his money was well spent? I cannot imagine if every drink that was bought for me required an e-transfer a couple weeks after purchase. 

I dare someone to try this on me. 

"Hi, hope you don't mind, but can you transfer me back that $1 for the beer I bought you three weeks ago?"

Is it worth it, bro? Really. I'm going to tell all my friends about you, and we will laugh behind your back forever. Think about it.

2. This prom dress fail. 

These ruffles look like they've seen things. Dark, dark things. It also looks like they were swallowed and then thrown back up by the deflated top half of the dress. The right side does not even look remotely close to the left. This should be illegal tbh.