15. "This animal is so cute. I wish I could squeeze it till it pops."

Don't ask me why we have these dark thoughts, but we do. 

Sometimes, a cuteness overload causes an overwhelming desire for destruction. For me, it always happens when I see a pug. I think it's because their eyes look like they could pop right out with very little effort, aaaaand I'm going to stop now...

16. "I'm so over them, but a little lurking can't hurt..."

Twitter | @FreddyAmazin

When it comes to social media and your ex, this thought means you're in dangerous territory. You can put your phone down and walk away or you can click that profile button and spend a few hours gathering intel on every aspect of their life while you spiral into madness. 

After researching the interests of every person tagged in their recent photos, you might eventually catch your own eye in the reflection on your screen and realize you need serious help, or at least a large pizza to demolish.


17. "I wonder if anyone else smelled that..."

In an elevator, on the dance floor, during an intimate moment — we've all let one slip in an undesirable setting and hoped to God that we were the only ones who noticed. 

18. "I need a new roommate."

Admit it! No matter how awesome your living partner was or is, there have definitely been times where all you could think about was moving out!

Twitter | @KieranRiley123