Now that summer has finally arrived, many homeowners are busy getting their backyards ready for everything the season has to offer. Whether it's weeding, planting a vegetable garden, or setting up the perfect space for campfires and lounging, anyone who has ever had to revamp their yard after a long, harsh winter knows how much work and dedication it takes.

If you plan on working in your outdoor space over the next few weeks, there are a few tricks of the trade you will want to keep in your back pocket that can make the process a bit easier to manage. To find out what they are, check out the handy list below.  


1. Add String Lights To Your Patio

Instead of drilling holes into the side of your house or your deck, use Sugru to create sturdy, rubber hooks to hang outdoor lighting.

2. Take Care Of Your Tools

Keep gardening essentials sharp and rust-free by storing them in a terracotta pot filled with sand and essential oil. 

3. Give Your Plants Some Support

Keep your garden growing tall and strong with Sugru supports. You can even color coordinate them, making plant identification quick and simple.

4. Add A Water Feature

Create a calm, relaxing retreat everyone can enjoy by adding a water feature to your backyard.


5. Add Grip To Gardening Tools

Make gardening a bit easier on your hands by adding customized grips to your tools. 

6. Make A Set Of Garden Markers

Keep track of everything in your garden by using a collection of DIYed markers made out of wooden utensils. 

7. Make Taps More Comfortable

Sometimes, outdoor taps can be difficult to use. Adding a bit of Sugru to each handle can make turning the tap on and off a breeze. 

8. Fence In Your Garden

Lastly, ensure fruits and veggies are protected from sneaky pests, like rabbits and skunks, by building a simple fence using wooden slats and chicken wire. 

Putting these tips to use will definitely help you create a beautiful, functional outdoor space that you can be proud of. 

P.S. Get your hands on some Sugru and see what other hacks you can come up with.