Back when I chopped six inches of my hair off and got a pixie cut, I felt like I was on top of the world. Hair was something I struggled with for as long as I could remember, and finally, I found a style that really looked good on me and reflected my personality. 

Short hair does come with some struggles, though, and people asking and assuming things about you all based on a haircut has to be at the top of that list. Here are some of those struggles, and I know all the short-haired ladies out there will feel me on these.


1. “Why did you cut it? It was so long and beautiful!” 

THE MOST ANNOYING QUESTION OF ALL TIME. Thank you for the attempt at a compliment (?), but obviously I cut it because I like it short. I could have super meaningful reasons behind the chop or I could've been curious about new styles, but I promise that if I want to tell you, I will.

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2. Bad hair days are brutal and call for a hat.

Product can only perform so many miracles. Some days, short hair just isn't going to cooperate, and in order to prevent you from looking like a cotton ball all day, you throw on a hat. Hats on hats on hats.

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3. You have had at least a dozen Alfalfa moments. 

Again, sometimes short hair doesn't cooperate. This can be even worse if you get a butchered haircut that doesn't lay right or if you do what I did and try to cut it yourself. Hello, Alfalfa!

(AKA hello hats and an entire bottle of extra-hold gel.)

4. “Do you plan on growing it out any time soon?” 

Do you plan on cutting your hair any time soon? Do you plan on getting a pixie cut soon? You wouldn't ask someone that, so let us start doing the same for women with short hair. Cool? Cool.

But, for the record, no, I don't ever plan on growing it out. Yes, I'm sure.

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So many questions and absolutely no patience for any of them.

Just leave me and my short hair in peace! All that matters is that my hair looks fabulous.