Oh, yarn, how we love you. So much so that we regularly buy more than we could ever possibly use. In some circles, this is referred to as S.A.B.L.E., or "Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy", but we crafters just see such things as a challenge!

Still, I've tripped over more than one bag of random wool in the night, or chased a cat through the house after it's snatched a ball, so while I will never admit to having too much, I will agree that my storage could use an upgrade. I've collected a bunch of options, both for mass storage and organization, and for making fibre arts more convenient in general.


1. Reuse an old wet wipe container.

These plastic dispensers even have a notch perfect for pulling yarn through without the ball wandering off across the room (much to the chagrin of your pets). Once you've emptied one of its original contents, clean the interior thoroughly and decorate with some pretty paper!

Pinterest | Amunette Dowling

2. You can also use an old teapot!

Which has the added benefit of being adorable!

Chris McCarthy | knitty.com

3. In a pinch, binder clips or clothespins can help.

Just clip them to the side of a bowl and run the yawn through to keep it from tangling.

4. Who has that many CDs these days anyway?

Narrow shelving once meant for CD cases can still be a great storage solution in narrow spaces.