Beautiful things come from unexpected places. Caterpillars become butterflies, ugly ducklings become swans, tin cans become... well, anything.

We've rounded up a list of totally doable DIYs that are made from cans. Vintage cans, soda cans, tin cans — you name it, you can use it to make something beautiful (and seriously expensive looking). 


1. Tin Can Caddy

This rustic and cute utensil caddy is perfect for outdoor parties, cottage nights on the dock, or as a place to keep everything tidy. This totally looks like it was store-bought!

2. Vintage Can Clock

Anytime you use vintage items in your craft projects, it's an instant win. This clock is the perfect hipster craft, you'll look vintage-y cool without even trying. 


3. Soda Can Old Fashioned Car

How gorgeous is this old fashioned car made by New Zealand–based artist Sandy? The attention to detail and thought they put into this piece is spectacular.

4. Tin Can Mugs

These tin can mugs will make your next camping trip totally chic. Perfect for a cup of hot cocoa or for the coffee you are going to need if you decide to go camping...


5. Bunny Planters

Perfect for your balcony, these planters are great for spring flowers, or as a little herb garden. You could definitely make some other animals like foxes and squirrels. 

6. Tin Can Herb Garden

Rose gold is totally in right now, and it makes these tin cans look super chic. The little chalkboard signs are perfect if you don't know the difference between basil and cilantro (you're probably gonna wanna know that). 


7. Recycled Soda Can Bracelets

I love these! I would totally rock one with my favorite soda on it. I think they would be even cooler with a vintage logo on them.

8. Soda Can Signs

Would you believe these are created with just a soda tin, some wood and nails? These would be a great addition to a garden shed or garage!


9. Soda Can Cookie Cutters

Who needs store-bought cookie cutters when you can make your own custom cutters into whatever shape you want? The possibilities are endless (and possibly hilarious). 

10. Soda Can Fall Leaf Wreath

With some ink, a pen, a knife and a little imagination, you can have this gorgeous fall wreath for your home for next to nothing. 


11. Soda Tab Hat

My grandma used to collect soda tabs. I don't remember what she did with them, but I could totally see her rocking this hat. How creative is this? 

12. Soda Can Lanterns

This could add some fun color to your backyard, or some cozy light to your living space. Twelve-year-old me would totally have hung these vibrant colors all over the house. 


13. Vintage Cookie Tin Lamp

I seriously can't believe it's not store-bought. This lamp is gorgeous, and it's actually really easy to make. Don't let the thought of using a drill screw with you!

14. Soda Can Model Camera

As someone who collects cameras, I love how similar this model is. It would make a fabulous gift for anyone who loves Cherry Coke and photography!


15. Soda Can Camp Stove

I'm 100% sure I would be a danger to everyone around me if I tried to make this, but it's so cool I still want to try. 

You can totally make more than just a tin can phone...

Which one are you going to make first? Share with a friend whose recycling bin you want to raid tonight.