There was a time in my life when I thought that Snapchat was just a fad that would eventually fade out.

Several years later, here we are taking dog-filter selfies and stalking our friends' whereabouts. The app is great, but there are definitely some struggles that we all deal with from time to time.


1. The face-swap feature is amazing and pretty much always good for a laugh.

But you know that there have definitely been some friendships that have ended because people are rude. 

2. This is literally 90% of my contacts. It's kind of sad.

I know so much about my cousin's boyfriend's sister's day-to-day life but couldn't tell you the last time we actually had a conversation. 


3. Having a job is fine and all, but watching your friends go to the beach without you is always going to sting a little.

It's even worse when you're off work and you still don't get invited along.

4. Sending an ugly snap to the wrong person is basically a rite of passage. We've all done it.

And then you sit there debating if you should tell them it was an accident or just pretend it never happened. 

5. Streaks are cool and all, but if you send me this, I will literally stop being your friend forever.

Okay, maybe not forever. But long enough that you learn your lesson.