5. Scrubbing too hard.

Sure, exfoliating is all well and good, but you only need to do it about once a week. Once again, scrubbing doesn't do your skin's defenses any favors, so be gentle.

6. Washing your hair every day.

If you wash your hair every day, only the shampoo company benefits. You're just washing away your hair's natural oils and drying it out — and if you dye your hair, that beautiful color is washing down the drain.


7. Not washing your feet.

Yes, all the soap from the rest of your body makes its way down, but your feet need more of a personal touch. If you don't get in there and scrub between your toes, you're tempting athlete's foot and other bacteria and fungus to set up shop and grow. 

8. Trying to get another use out of an old razor.

Razor blades aren't cheap, so it's understandable to want to stretch it out, but dull razors cause nicks and host bacteria — a recipe for an infection if there ever was one.

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