The Playboy Bunnies used to be sexy, elite women who got to live together in a huge mansion. But things have changed. Bunnies are revealing that not all is as it seems in the Playboy house. With odd rules about sex and early curfews, being a Playboy Bunny is not as glamorous as it once was.

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1. Initiation to get into the Mansion was exactly what you would think

 All the girls must pass Hue Hefner's test in order to be his girlfriend. And that test is taken in the bedroom.

2. All Hef's girlfriends participate in bedroom activities

It's one of the "perks" of being his girlfriend...


3. A weekly allowance of $1,000 for clothes is given to the girls.

They were discouraged to use the money for anything other than clothes. They couldn't even use it to pay off student loans.

4. The girlfriends were not allowed to speak when Hef was being interviewed.

Hue liked the pretty, silent type? Real nice...