There's genius all around us every day. We're just not aware of it. Really, that's part of the genius: that it's inconspicuous, that it fits so seamlessly with our lives that we can take it for granted. But a staggering amount of work goes into that genius thing sitting on the shelf.

One of those genius things that's everywhere, and that you'd never suspect, is the soda can. An incredible amount of engineering went into making them durable, user-friendly, and practical to fill and ship. Take a closer look.


Putting soda into a spherical can would leave too much space in packaging, and it would roll off the table. The cube can would pack much better and sit still, but would require a stronger can and be more difficult to drink out of.

The can starts being shaped with a blank, which is held in place between a drawing die and a blank holder.


A punch presses down into the blank to create a cup. The cup gets pressed repeatedly, stretching it out.

Pushed through a redrawing die and then an ironing ring, the can starts to look familiar.