9. Why can I remember great memories, but not what I ate last week?

Don't worry, you're not going senile. When experience things, we put off a pulse of electrical energy that's fired off to a network of neurons, and they land in our short-term memory and stays there for a few seconds or minutes. From there, that pulse is sent to long-term memory and finally stored in other regions of the brain. But if these neurons communicate with each other over and over, their connection becomes stronger — and is why we can recall those memories quicker than we can those little everyday moments we don't really care about.

10. This guy didn't know he was being watched...

A man at an airport was caught farting by a thermal imaging camera. This is what that looks like? I am now totally aware that I am walking through clouds of farts on the regular.


11. How our hands move.

This X-ray shows how our bones moves in our hand. Whoa.

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12. So THAT'S why!

As we age, the area of our brain that controls emotion and memory loses 5 per cent of its neurons every decade. By the time we're 80, it will have lost about 20 per cent. That's why memories seem to fade over time!