We use it everyday. It's there when we need it, and of course when we don't. It's the most important thing in the universe to us — but can also be the most ill-treated.

It's our body. And it's freaking amazing.

From the day we're conceived until the day we die, our body is a place of absolute magnificence. Its abilities are beyond anything even C.S. Lewis could imagine, and yet we still haven't discovered all that it can do.

But for what it can, here are some incredible images to help you realize just how incredible we humans are.


1. A baby's face developing in the womb.

We start off as a glob of tissue mounds, but begin developing from the outside in. In the first four months of pregnancy, we turn from this blob into a face with nostrils, eyes, eyelids, lips, and ears.

YouTube |  BBC

2. Pregnancy itself is freaking amazing.

The organs in a woman's body actually move during pregnancy to make room for the baby. As they move, it can cause pregnancy symptoms that just can't be blamed on hormonal changes, such as breathing ability and, of course, bladder control. 


3. Cross section of the human body from top to bottom.

This is what the human body would look like if we sliced it into 1,878 pieces and photographed each piece! When those photos are quickly displayed one after another, it shows our bodies from tip to toes!

EducationalGifs.com - YouTube |  Touch of Life Technologies - Visible Human Project

4. This is how you swallow.

This X-ray shows how humans swallow liquid. I will never drink tea the same again — this is craziness. But number 5 creeps me right out!