The whole world fell in love with Ruby Rose when she appeared on Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black. Stella Carlin ended up being a character who's a terrible person, but at least it introduced everyone to Ruby! The scene where she winks at Piper? Amazing. But what was Ruby doing before OITNB and what did she used to look like without her famous tattoos? Just wait and see!


1. Ruby Rose grew up in Melbourne, Australia! Yes, that Australian accent she uses on OITNB is 100% real!

Instagram |  @rubyrose

2. She was raised by her mom and Ruby considers her to be her hero. 


3. Ruby came out when she was 12 years old. She ended up getting bullied severely at school because of this! 

Ruby said that her classmates have reached out to say sorry and she forgave them all! She's so nice! 

Twitter |  @GrowingUpACeleb

4. She started modeling in 2002 when she won second place in a model search! 

But then she got her big break!