32 Questionable Pics That Are Highly Hilarious

Diply 20 Oct 2017

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell what you're looking at. And even when you understand what the man in the tutu is doing with the saxophone, it's even harder to tell whether it's a good idea.

I mean, at least release the spit valve first. Jeez.

Uh...anyway, puzzling over pics like the ones on this list can be a good way to clear your head, especially when they're this funny.

1. We've wondered about this since we were kids, but I especially wonder what the dog is thinking about right here.

Instagram | @memelif3

They've obviously trained it well enough that it knows this is serious, but chasing mail trucks is serious business to a dog.

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2. Hey, if you can Skype potential employers and look them in the eyes with no pants on, why should your LinkedIn get special treatment?

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

The fake suit idea is definitely clever, but how long did it take to find a wall that matched his shirt?

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3. Somehow I get the impression it's not gonna be worth it when somebody finally wins.

Instagram | @memes_supplier

Oh, well. If nothing else, tossing the game board over the side of a speeding log flume ride probably feels more satisfying than flipping the table.

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4. I don't wanna buy whatever it's selling, but this gecko definitely has more personality than the one in the commercials.

Instagram | @course

I mean, they had to give him a suit and make him talk for people to notice him, and he's still not that great.

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5. We can all say that desperate times call for desperate measures, but this guy's proving he's really about that life.

Instagram | @memes_supplier

Not to mention, he's got white pants on so, depending on what's in there, he's taking the risk of ruining them forever with that nap.

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6. All the other pigeons are hitting up older folks for bread, but this one's trying to tell them they can't live on bread alone.

Instagram | @kontheabstract

Yup, this little homie's got all the secrets of the universe, but it can only say "coo, coo," so we're screwed.

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7. Haha, years of my mom drilling photo etiquette into me means I can turn this smile on and off like a faucet now.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

You know, I remember this one time whe— hold up, what the hell is going on in the background of that second picture?

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8. My favorite part about this is the way the winner is stuntin' with his one dollar. 

Instagram | Instagram

Sure, everyone screwed themselves out of all the money here, but a victory is still a victory. Somehow, I don't think this underdog story is getting a movie, though.

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9. Wait-wait-wait, so somebody just covered Cheetos in marshmallow? It's just crazy enough to work!

Me.me | Me.me

Granted, there's a very good chance that this will turn out to be completely disgusting. Still, I've got a good feeling that trying this would be worth the risk.

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10. So yeah, the flight attendant made this guy a crown of peanut packages and plastic swords for his birthday.

Reddit | TylerF12

It's the adorable little ideas like this that almost make flying coach tolerable. Even a screaming baby wouldn't be able to wreck this vibe.

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11. I think someone told this guy mixed-up definitions for "struggle" and "extra" as a prank, and he just never noticed.

Instagram | @mememang

Otherwise, I'm not sure what planet counts three kinds of meat and two kinds of cheese in your sandwich as a "struggle," but I'm there, baby.

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12. I can appreciate this person's ambition and everything, but I think they might be making a mistake here. 

Instagram | @mememang

Even an experienced big eater like me can tell you that these things are way more filling than they look.

Trust me, you need a friend for this.

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13. Man, I don't envy whoever ends up taking that early morning stumble into this "bathroom."

Reddit | santiago230

On the other hand, there's not an alarm clock in the world that can wake you up faster than a growling wildcat.

Even caffeine might be slightly healthier.

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14. Yikes! Apparently, nothing spices up the commute quite like trying to reenact Jumanji.

Reddit | 47Racing

You know, if this is the same place with that weird cougar bathroom, I expect we're looking at a zoo with a hell of a lot of turnover.

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15. Maybe that punishment is a tiny bit over the top? I think a fine is typical in this case.

Reddit | conel11

I also think if you're going to stick with electrocution that it should be bolded, at least.

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16. OK, OK, don't panic, this isn't completely unsalvageable.

Me.me | Me.me

As long as she can get the towel on before those tell-tale bronze drops start running down her face, nobody has to know.

If my beard can cover up my blemishes, her hair can cover her fake tan.

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17. Most people think long and hard about the design they want for their seasonal jack-o'-lantern. Not this person. 

Reddit | OrangeJuicestice

Sometimes you just need a little bit of face on a lot of pumpkin.

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18. Remind me to never hop onto a state fair ride ever again. 

Reddit | iAmWillyAmm

"This is how the state fair propped the roller coasters up," the user wrote. It's a roller coaster. It moves. And so do wooden blocks!

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19. This is too tragic

Instagram | Instagram

The internet is not always happy place.

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20. A Reddit user wrote, "the greeter at my local Walmart. I can't explain." Can anyone explain this? 

Reddit | gizmothetwotoncat

There's no better way to make Walmart customers feel welcome than to have a greeter locked up in a cage.

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21. Remember the girl who wore Mcdonald's bags as shoes?

Twitter | @martynhett

She got the last laugh when she woke up the next day and her feet weren't hurting.

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22. I'm going to go out there and say this is probably at a Chipotle, where you really need your bro's support in the bathroom.

Reddit | jengo54

See, guys can get emotional, too — just in different ways.

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23. Sometimes you just need to throw in a little somethin' somethin'. 

Pleated Jeans | Pleated Jeans

This guy probably made the sale, no doubt.

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24. Another win for the panoramic camera function.

Reddit | porku

And also another win for our nightmares. Hurray!

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25. Time will tell what side of history I'm on, but I don't see the logic here.

Imgur | @Khecken5

Am I correct that there's not even a burger here? Just a really salty slice of cheese?

Whatever part of the brain gives us these ideas needs to shut up.

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26. When it comes to highway robbery, monkeys don't mess around. 

The Chive | The Chive

I don't want to say she's asking for it, but she definitely didn't make this hard for them.

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27. Who wore it better?

Reddit | yudoit

My vote is the giant coke bottle... That is a bottle, right?

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28. You never know when you'll make a new friend

Reddit | handlethevibe

All it takes is a bottle of wine and a subway.

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29. This changes everything. 

Reddit | CosmicKeys

I'm not sure if this denim hair slot is how she plans on wearing her hair all day or if it is an easy way to prevent her hair from flying everywhere on that motorcycle.

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30. Are Buddhists even allowed to wear leather?

Instagram | @kalesalad

One thing's for sure and it's that they have style.

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31. Technology these days...

Instagram | @will_ent

Tries getting a glass of water, gets an entire Windows update instead.

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32. There's something fishy about this pic.

Twitter | fjamie013

On the plus side, I'm sure she didn't have to give up her voice for this exchange. Stupid, Ursula, what's she going to do with a voice anyway? Clearly, she could already sing.

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