I really love my smart phone for one reason — I always have a camera with me. You know what I've noticed, though? I never do anything with all the photos that I take. Sure, I upload them to Facebook and Instagram, but I can't remember the last time that I actually printed out a photo. 

I'm glad to see that there is a device that can actually change that — you can print photos directly from your phone, and it's just as instant and as exciting as posting a photo on Instagram. 


Meet the Prynt Pocket.

This ultra-portable device fits in the palm of your hand and connects directly to your iPhone. 

Not only can you capture all life's greatest moments, you can now instantly print them, too! 


This is a huge upgrade from the old Polaroid cameras, right?

Just when you thought this little but mighty device couldn't get any better, there's another really cool feature.  

Get this — you can snap a photo, and then using the Prynt app, you can embed a video in your photo in order to bring it to life. That's some seriously next-generation storytelling.

Imagine this kind of technology at your special events! It'd be great for weddings — such an innovative way to capture those once-in-a-lifetime memories. 

Sounds pretty next level, right? 

This is how it works — simply attach the Prynt Pocket to your iPhone and capture a photo. Once you’ve taken the photo, a 10-second video will immediately be recorded and hidden within that photo. 

Before printing, the Prynt app allows you edit and enhance your photo with fun, creative filters, text, and memes. Then, whoever has a copy of the photo can use the Prynt app to watch it come to life.

Let's talk about photo quality, though. 

This handy device uses inkless paper — that means you'll be printing photos that are smudge-resistant. 

The backing on this paper is also adhesive, so you can turn all your friends into stickers! 

Just thinking of all the possibilities makes my head spin! I like to be creative, so I foresee many photo DIY projects in my future...

It comes in four different eye-catching colors.

Cool Grey, Graphite, Mint, and their newest shade, Lavender. I can't decide which I like better: Mint or Lavender... Would I be totally extra if I got both?  

So what do you think? If you love to take a ton of photos with your iPhone, then this is one accessory that you should have. 

Check out their website for more info so you can start instantly printing your photos! 

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