I think it's pretty common for little kids to dream of growing up to become a prince or princess. Considering how many Disney movies feature royal families, it only makes sense that more than a few kids grow up with such aspirations. 

But did you know that being a princess isn't actually as glamorous as it may sound? Sure, Kate Middleton and Princess Diana constantly look happy in their photos, but there are actually a lot of strict rules and conventions that princesses have to adhere to. 

Here are some of those rules.


We tend to think that being a princess would be something along the lines of this. 

Mattress-surfing slumber parties? Yes, please. Annnnd it's time to rewatch Princess Diaries. Anne Hathaway was at her best in those movies! Don't fight me on this. 

And we oooh and ahhh over the stunning wardrobes.

How does Kate Middleton manage to look so chic at all times? She could be wearing a garbage bag and we'd be running to our kitchens trying to rock our own version of the garbage bag.

And we think that they have lots of fancy parties like this. 


Haven't you always wished that you could attend a ball and finally have an excuse to wear some over-the-top gown and dance with a handsome prince? One can only dream!

This is what we imagine, right? 

BUT the truth is very different... You might find yourself shocked by some of these rules!