Most people take the simple convenience of electricity and light for granted. Each month, we pay our electricity bill and we are done with it. For some parts of the world, this convenience would be a luxury, and researchers are working tirelessly to figure out a simple, cheap way to produce electricity. Did you know that a surprisingly powerful light can be created with a potato? Yes, you heard me correctly. The amazing thing is that the lamp can last up to a month if built properly. 

Haim Rabinowitch, a professor of science at the University of Jerusalem, figured out a way to do it and is telling the world how it's made. 

Let's take a look.....

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Who knew that the random bag of potatoes you have hiding in your pantry could be used to produce electricity?

Okay, obviously this is super weird, but there are a few things you have to do with the potato before it spontaneously produces enough electricity to light a room for a month.


Haim Rabinowitch, the lead scientist who is revolutionizing the potato battery, says that first you have to boil the potato for eight minutes. 

The process of boiling boosts the electricity-producing potential of the potato by as much as ten times compared to a raw spud. Once it's boiled, the potato can produce about half as much electricity as a commercial AA battery

Energy can be released from the potato by attaching two pieces of metal to two cut potato halves.

Two electrodes and alligator clips are needed to unlock the potato's power. Surprisingly, you don't need much else. 

Rabinowitch explained in an interview why he thinks the potato light could be a big deal for under developed nations...