I've done some pretty silly things in my life, but nothing compares to what I've seen people do on the internet.

I've also considered myself clever from time to time, but nowhere near as clever as some people I've discovered online.

Basically, I'm trying to say that I'm both intelligent and, well, not, just like the people below.


1. When you finally have enough laundry to do a load of whites.

But you decide to decorate it like a Christmas tree instead.

And it actually turns out pretty nice, glistening off the empty washing machine door and all.

Instagram |  @ellentvshow

2. Wow, this one's about 25 years too late for me.

I swear to God, the companies that manufacture these things purposely exclude any kind of directions so that they can make us feel like chumps decades later.

Instagram |  @ellentvshow

3. Colgate has zero tolerance for people who call it "teethpaste."

I think they do know it. 

Why else would they block people who are trying to spread awareness of this issue?

They're teethpaste deniers. 

Instagram |  @moistbuddha

4. "Work smarter, not harder." —Riley, age 12.

I'm more concerned about six-year-old "Jac" (or "JQC," kids could be named anything these days) and his military-grade "Shooter B40." 

The kid's dreaming up international defence weapons before he can spell his own name.