15 Picture Frame DIY Projects You'll Want To Try!

Diply 24 Feb 2016

If you've spent any time on Pinterest in your life, you know that crafting is a HUGE category. You can find a DIY project for pretty much anything these days, and a lot of crafters really love ones that look great but don't break the bank. The easiest way to create beautifully cheap projects is to repurpose items you either already own or can purchase for a low price (a.k.a. dollar and thrift store finds!). A super popular item many bloggers and craftaholics love to repurpose are picture frames. While many of us may see them for what they are (something to display your favorite portraits in), the truth is, you can get insanely creative with them! Whether it's a memo board, terrarium, or gift wrap organizer, a frame can do more than you could ever imagine. To find out some of the most creative ways to repurpose this household staple while remaining faithful to your budget, keep reading!

1. Rustic Statement Piece

Knick of Time | Knick of Time

With a bit of imagination, you can turn any boring picture frame into a work of art. It can be as easy as adding a bit of chalk paint and distressing to create the perfect farmhouse-inspired statement piece!

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2. Memo Board 

Shanty 2 Chic | Shanty 2 Chic

Create one of these for yourself with a few coats of your favorite spray paint, decorative accents, and a roll of twine.

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3. Coffee Table Tray

Anderson and Grant | Anderson and Grant

Give an old wooden frame new life by repurposing it as a serving tray. All you need to do is replace the contents of the frame with a flat board and you have yourself a convenient, rustic piece for your home.

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4. Decoration

Anderson and Grant | Anderson and Grant

One of the easiest ways to add character to a space is to use empty picture frames as decorative accents!

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5. Wedding Display

100 Layer Cake | 100 Layer Cake

Welcome guests to your wedding with a beautiful message board made out of a vintage frame.

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6. Faux Floral Monogram

Decoist | Decoist

Placing an empty frame around your favorite project, like this floral monogram, is a fun and unique way to display your work.

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7. Fabric Artwork

I Heart Organizing | I Heart Organizing

Anyone who has ever decorated a space knows that oversized artwork can be crazy-expensive. Why not save yourself some money by creating your own with beautiful fabric and an old frame?

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8. Living Succulent Art

Better Homes and Gardens | Better Homes and Gardens

Bring the outdoors in with this gorgeous DIY project that combines beautiful succulents and a repurposed frame.

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9. Card Display

Lolly Jane | Lolly Jane

Adding chicken wire to the back of a wooden frame is a fantastic way to create a rustic display for your home. You don't even have to limit yourself to the holidays with this project!

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10. Gift Wrap Organizer

Monica Wants It | Monica Wants It

Have your prettiest wrapping paper and ribbons on display with this super easy organizer made from an old frame and some wooden dowels.

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11. Dry Erase Calendar

Pins and Petals | Pins and Petals

Never forget an important appointment or event again with one of these DIY'd dry erase calendars! There are so many ways to put one together yourself, and it is super inexpensive.

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12. Repurposed Wreath

DIY Inspired | DIY Inspired

It can be hard to find the perfect wreath for your front door. Personally, it took me months to find one that I liked and could be used all year. If you're in the same predicament, you could take a non-traditional route with one of these picture frame versions!

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13. Gallery Wall

The Caterpillar Years | The Caterpillar Years

If your fridge is constantly cluttered with paintings and crafts that your kids have created for you, this simple gallery wall project using empty frames is the perfect solution.

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14. Bathroom Shelf

I Heart Naptime | I Heart Naptime

Who knew that a boring frame could be transformed into a stylish, convenient shelving unit with a fresh paint job and cute, decorative accents?

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15. Faux Succulent Garden

Anything & Everything | Anything & Everything

Even though succulents are one of the easiest plants to care for, if you want to avoid the potential heartbreak of watching your non-green thumb fail, you can easily throw together a faux terrarium with some glue and dollar store picture frames!

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