You've heard it before, and it's true. Timing is everything. This is probably most true when it comes to viral photography. 

Some of the best viral photos have come out of pure coincidence. Check out these 15 photos that were taken at the right time and place!


1. Take this shot, for example. Likely, this person was taking one of those super exciting pictures of their food to put on Instagram.  

Luckily, this sneaky cat crept in to make the photo way better. 

Reddit |  TeaGossips

2. This person who went to take a selfie with his pet parrot and, somehow, the eyes aligned in most the most perfect way ever. 

This man's caption isn't too bad either. "I recently acquired a bird's eye view," wrote TomBaum.

Reddit |  TomBaum

3. The owners of this dog made a portrait of their dog doing something really familiar. 

So familiar, in fact, that he was caught spontaneously recreating it! He's such a good boy!

Reddit |  yolosafafofo

4. This has to be one of the most incredible perfectly timed photos I've ever seen. 

The flames ripple into the shape of a woman's face and hair. Katniss, dat you?

Reddit |  ralphfaith

5. "A student of mine walked into a wall while not paying attention. This was the mark left on her glasses," wrote asl001.

The level of detail in the eyelashes and eyebrow is ridic. 

Reddit |  asl001