26. "Picture of a shark taken while the water surface was still intact," wrote emoposer. 

I seriously can't get over those jagged teeth on the bottom — and those empty-looking eyes. 

Reddit |  emoposer

27. This picture that perfectly captures a plane flying at just the right level to slice the clouds right in half. 

The passenger either got their phone out really quickly or this was a really lucky shot. 

Reddit |  Endless_Vanity

28. This perfectly timed photo from a White Sox game in 1959 captures a distracted man dropping his drink on left fielder Al Smith. 

Double whammy for this guy. Opposing teams hits a home run and you get a face full. 

Reddit |  AdamE89

29. Was this intentional?! Can you imagine falling asleep on this person's couch and waking up this horrifying creature hovering over you?

What makes it even more horrifying? It's wearing shoulder pads! Not cool...

Reddit |  shahidhanif0

30. Last, but not least, we have this stunning photo of the moon aligning perfectly with this massive satellite dish. 

Something tells me this person waited a long time to capture this shot.

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Reddit |  Mr_Popty_Ping

31. Wait...what?

Am I crazy? Or is this literally the most perfectly timed photo ever taken?

Reddit |  Frenchy-LaFleur

32. Apparently this talent is more common than we thought!

Reddit |  aarsmadenkak