Your kitchen is where you prepare the meals that are going to nourish you and your family. It's also the place where germs are more likely to be spread in a way that could cause sickness. The truth is that most of us are too busy to give a second thought about HOW we are cleaning our kitchen. So, here are a few things that you're probably cleaning wrong and should change immediately! 


1. You're ignoring your reusable bags

A study from a university found E. Coli on bags. Think about it like this: you're putting in raw meats, you're touching dirty grocery carts and then touching your bags... and I bet it never even crossed your mind to clean those bags. Yuck! There's no use in saving the planet if you forget to save yourself too. 

2. If you have to think long and hard about the last time (if ever) you cleaned your water filter... you're doing it wrong 

Changing the filter is not enough. Wash with hot soapy water and dry completely. 


3. You're cleaning your cutting boards with soap and water

You cut raw meat on your cutting boards... so you should be using bleach to disinfect the board. Dish soap simply isn't enough. 

4. You're air-drying your cast iron pan

This is the easiest way to rust your cast iron. 

Think all-purpose cleaner is good? Well you're not using it correctly if you're...