20. This person who has quite possibly given up on more than just dating...

Twitter |  @Samhttps

Cheer up, guy. You're never alone, the void always stares back! 

21. This woman who's found something actually worth committing to

Twitter |  @n0usrname

Fried chicken will never let you down. Unless, of course, you're prone to heartburn... Ahh well, till indigestion do us part!


22. This guy who's decided it's way easier to fake it

Reddit |  juicy-tomato

Are your hands going to read your text messages when you're in the bathroom? Are you hands going to demand you spend half your paycheck on a date night? NO! And yet they're still capable of doing all the other good stuff...

23. This person who just wants some payment for their suffering

Twitter |  @redstatist

If you have to be lonely, you might as well make a few dollars!


But in all seriousness, we single people endure some major trauma as a result of others' PDA! The things I've seen in my high school hallways... They still haunt me...