Nowadays, we are giving way too many people passes for being totally wrong about stuff. Sure, nobody likes that nerd who corrects people over every little thing that doesn't matter, but we have to draw the line somewhere.

And I'm pretty sure that place is wherever people are getting these "alternative facts" from. That's  exactly why we're gonna hit the folks on this list with some real ones.


1. No matter how hard people try, they'll never be able to show us their cracked screen with a screenshot.

They can take a picture of it with another phone (that they hopefully don't drop), but that's the only way — unless they feel like traveling directly to us. 

Instagram |  @mememang

2. I wasn't aware that thugs were the only people out here trying to keep their heads warm.

I'd get it if there were eye holes cut into it or something, but we're gonna need all three of his degrees to figure out how this looks thuggish.

Instagram |  @nochill

3. Haha, Post Malone deserves some credit for being a good sport about this.

I just hope Shia LaBeouf didn't make any wild promises that he expects his apparent look-alike to keep. You never know what that guy's gonna do.

Instagram |  @thesavageposts

4. Ah, and this kid would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for his sloppy crop game.

Hopefully he saves himself the embarrassment of doubling down and trying to claim that Home Depot is letting him live there.

Instagram |  @thesavageposts