9. How to call out roughly 100 billion people in one fell swoop.

I'm not even sure what she's going for here. Does she think that if you're good enough at being a person, you get to live forever? Or is she holding onto some serious salt about a grandma who died and ruined her birthday or something?

10. Calling someone out will land even harder if they never see it coming.

Can anyone please explain to me why the "P" is colored in on this soap? Is this the reason for all the dad loathing? Did he color in this kid's soap with pen?


11. When you call someone out for bad parking, you want to make sure that the lesson really sticks.

Oof. You can see the effort this person tried to put into getting rid of this sticker. It looks like they were trying to scratch out of a coffin after being buried alive. But, alas, the sign remains.

12. As if all these broke students running around didn't feel bad enough, here comes Mr. Billboard, looking to twist the knife.

Meanwhile, most of my graduating class is looking at this being like, "Wait a second, where's my $40k job?"

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